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cowboys and aliensOccasionally it's good to go into a movie with pretty low expectations... it means you're generally not overly disappointed, and occasionally they're better than you expect.

Thankfully Cowboys and Aliens was actually one of those.

It's not perfect, but it is a reasonably entertaining movie. I think possibly that because I've been introduced to the Western genre over the last twelve months, I could appreciate the parts of the movie that are trying to be very Western better than I perhaps wouldn't have a year ago.

And other than Daniel Craig's futuristic jewellery, until the titular aliens show up, it is a very Western movie. In a lot of ways I think those sequences are actually some of the best in the movie.

Craig plays the quintessential "Man With No Name" fairly well... I mean there isn't much going on with the character as he doesn't know who he is, but Craig still manages to make the character likeable.

Harrison Ford is definitely showing his age but appears to be enjoying himself while slightly chewing the scenery.

The rest of the cast is populated with a mixture of familiar faces and recognisable characters, but nobody especially stands out as being particular good or particularly bad.

Actually that's kind of where this movie sits overall... it's not particularly great, but it's not horrible either.

Once the aliens do arrive, the effects are about what you would expect from ILM, even if the aliens do look a little bit like feral bodybuilding frogs.

The person who does deserve a big gold star though is the costume designer, Mary Zophres, if for no other reason than she put Daniel Craig in a pair of pants that cling lovingly to his ass... even the movie poster shows them off.

Essentially though, if you go into it not expecting a lot, it's an entertaining movie.

yani's rating: 2 inverted paddlesteamers out of 5

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Cowboys and Aliens Online said...

Its pretty damn good movie. I just saw this movie few hours ago..Generally , I don't like the sci-fi movies but this one was superb..There was lot of funs to watch :)


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