photo friday: brisbane botany

backlit green orange drops
Some more shots from Brisbane... I think one is from the Botanical Gardens and the other is the Roma Street Parklands.

Urgh... first week back after leave... I say urgh. I've done more stuff this week than usual, as well as catching up on all the stuff that I missed while I was away.

And I swear that I'm the only one at work with a fully functional immune system... everyone else has been off sick for at least part of the week.

Can you tell I'm feeling a trifle under-appreciated? *sigh* Not unappreciated... but the occasional "good job, you" wouldn't hurt. I know they think it, but it's nice to hear.

Other than being about annoying people, today has also been about tickets...

I'm heading off to see Macbeth (yes, again) by the University of Adelaide Theatre Guild on Tuesday next week... and there's a ticket related surprise coming up later this evening... so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

But both my brain and my belly are empty... so I'm going to go and make some dinner...

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Damien Oz said...

Wonderful photos........... I wish I appreciated my town as much as you.


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