photo friday: bodies

this guy was even more spectacular from the front the boxer statue, sydney
Some photos from the Sydney file... beautiful bodies, both real and imagined...

It's been a bit of a chaotic week...

Firstly I borrowed the spare iPad from work on Tuesday, just to test out whether I really need one or not. So far I'm coming down on the side of "not"... I don't mind checking my tweets and Google Reader on it, but it just seems too large for much else really. That and it makes my iPhone seem really tiny every time I pick that back up again.

But I've only been using it for a couple of days, so I'll give it a while longer, I just don't think I'll be laying down money for one of my own.

I think the best way to describe work this week is the example of yesterday... the morning was awesome... I was firing on all cylinders, solving problems all over the place and generally kicking goals and taking names. And then in the afternoon I don't think I accomplished a single thing beyond talking Rockchick through her new iPhone.

And the whole week was a little like that... periods of high productivity and bouts of complete lack of focus.

I went over to the Market at lunch today... which is always slightly dangerous... and doubly so if I happen to go into the Asian supermarket over there.

One of the spectacularly odd things I bought was a bottle of "Basil Seed Drink"... it was only $1.60 and was too weird to leave behind.

And now it's time to make pizza...

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