silver wednesday dotpoints

silver hand silver man
Some silver street sculpture from Brisbane...

Oy... what an atypical day!
  • Went to a two and a half hour session on accessible web documents hosted by a French woman with an accent that was occasionally unintelligible... the irony was possibly lost of a number of people there.
  • My lunch consisted of picking up Subway on the way back to the office.
  • I had a meeting this afternoon I really wasn't prepared for which wasn't helped by the fact the person I was meeting with hadn't prepared the material we were meeting about and neither of us was completely sure what some of it meant.
  • After doing the Grindr Message Ping Pong on and off all day with a young gentleman we met up outside work and went for a wander... it was all disturbingly like we were 15.
  • I'm making soup for dinner.
That's about it really.

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