a not especially interesting saturday

poopin rainbowsI really, really, really can't wait for this month to be over... April 2011 is just not working for me in the slightest!

To add to all the other shit I've been complaining about of late, my wireless connection crapped it's pants last night... it was a bit like some people I know, all the lights were on, but it just wouldn't make a connection. And when I woke up this morning it was still doing it... faaaaaaaaaaark! I didn't even bother trying with the laptop this morning, but my iPhone refused to connect even though it looked like I had a strong signal. Colour me a particularly unhappy bunny. But I'm frantically touching wood (no, not like that) as I say this because the problem seemed to magically fix itself during the day.

Anyway... moving on to today...

After shuttling Ma to and from her work-related social event last night so that she didn't have to find a carpark, I was on my own this morning while she went off to get her hair cut. Annoyingly, because I was running a bit late this morning I got stuck behind a massive checkout pile up when too many customers met not enough staff.

On the upside, because I always use the little basket trolleys, the girls at the "12 items or less" line often take pity on me if they're not very busy and beckon me over, which is exactly what happened today... after I waited around for about five minutes (and left the line twice).

Because of that I made it back here quite literally right after Ma (she was only just getting out of her car when I pulled up)...

Anyway, after the unpacking portion, we had a look at the Cabaret Festival guide and managed to find a few things that could be interesting... will need closer examination though.

After that we headed into the city. Originally the plan was to drop my $500 in change off at the bank on the way, however after mentioning it when Ma got here, I totally forgot when we were walking out of the door... d'oh. I'll just have to do it one day after work this week instead.

We really didn't have any plan of attack in the city, but ended up wandering around looking at toy bunnies to give to Tink for the baby... I really am a fussy bitch though, I haven't seen "The One" yet... and while there were a couple that were nice, they weren't just right. Not that I could tell you what the right one is like... I just know what it isn't.

And that was about it really... so another not especially interesting Saturday...

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