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Okay... so today started really well and probably ended exceptionally badly.

We had a birthday celebration this morning (the one I baked for last night)... followed by a slightly less interesting pre-Easter hot cross bun extravaganza.

I was pleased with the Ham Hearts I made though, I took a buttload of them to work with me and the all went except for about five, and they probably got polished off during the day.

But this afternoon, just before I left, I think I deleted something I shouldn't have... which is now annoying me on a couple of fronts... firstly because I'll have to fess up to it, which is always grist for the mill as they say, but secondly because I'll probably have to put it all back again... which is annoying because it really should have been moved or deleted or whatever already.

Hopefully it's not as bad as I think it's going to be... but I'm not crossing my fingers.

Unconscious Mutterings...
  1. Director :: Movie
  2. Operation :: Game
  3. 30 minutes :: Sit-com
  4. Bald :: Badger
  5. Calls :: Phone
  6. Distant :: Relation
  7. Lightweight :: Me + Alcohol
  8. Difficult :: Life
  9. Half dozen :: Eggs
  10. Boss :: Like a...
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Brodhe said...

Don't stress too much. Stressing is always the worst part of anything. What happens happens. C'est la vie!... Whatever your motto, don't stress :)


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