photo friday: market haul

market haulI went a little crazy at the Central Market at lunchtime...

I'd only popped in to grab some lunch and maybe some steak from Barossa Fine Foods (coz Twitter told me I had to!) and I wanted to poke around Lucias and see what they had in their "ready to eat" section... mmmm fresh linguini!

And somewhere between buying some cheese from Say Cheese, getting something to eat from Nanas and getting to Goodies and Grains I went a little bananas... not that I bought bananas... the only fruit or vegetable I ended up buying were some Swiss button mushrooms from Mushroom Man.

Actually Goodies and Grains was where I really went crazy... Spicy Dippers, Seaweed Crackers, Belgium Chocolate Buttons, Roasted Broadbeans and the bigass Fruit and Nut Loaf at the back of the photo.

But enough about my shopping...

Why is it that a working week that was only three days long seemed to just go on and on and on and on and on?

Now I'm going to go make my fresh pasta and completely and totally avoid any kind of teevee coverage of any persons of the royal persuasion!

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