underwhelming exhibition saturday

rainy day boyA singularly unremarkable, somewhat unorganised, particularly uninspired day today...

It all started the same way all Saturday's do... I got up and wandered around tidying up... followed by the regular ablutions before Ma's arrival.

Today did turn out to be one of those "Small Shopping" weeks though... when we got back here and I'd unpacked everything and sorted out the stuff Ma bought from what I'd bought, there really wasn't that much stuff on my kitchen counter.

But once I'd done all of that, neither of us really knew what the hell we wanted to do with the remainder of the morning/day... neither of us particularly needed to go shopping, the weather had turned significantly in the direction of the image above, so generally wandering around was pretty much out...

What to do??

If this coming Tuesday hadn't been Movie Night we might have gone off to the cinema, but there really isn't that much stuff around that either of us is terribly excited about going off to see, so it's better to keep the stuff we are interested in for Tuesdays.

I was determined not to leave here without some kind of plan though, because when we've done that in the past, it doesn't always work out that well, we end up just going somewhere because we're sitting in the car, and it's generally a bit shit.

In the end we gave up and pulled out the only Things To Do item we had on the list, the Da Vinci Machines Exhibition at the Showgrounds...

I remember when it came out to Adelaide last time and was in the gallery on the ground floor of the Museum, we ummed and ahhed about going to see it and never got around to either doing it or making a decision one way or the other, so we missed out.

And now that we've seen it? Well, interesting, but kind m'eh... and given how good the art exhibition we went to see last week was, I kinda felt a little ripped off that this was $5 more expensive than that.

But if nothing else it kinda proves that not only was Da Vinci a genius, but also a man way, way ahead of his time.

On the way into the Showgrounds, we noticed that the Amazing Bodies Exhibition was still open... you know, the one where they do something with dead bodies that turns all the things that would rot into plastic? They used one of the exhibitions with human bodies in Casino Royale...

This however was mostly animals rather than people...

And honestly, it wasn't even that interesting... the website makes it look like the bodies should be pink and look almost alive... but in reality, because all of the blood and fluids have been drained out of the flesh, it all ends up looking particularly beige and odd.

If you've ever left a chicken breast in the freezer for too long and it gets all weird and "frostbitten"? The bodies pretty much look like that... just plain weird really.

Add to that the fact that the way it was all set up in the exhibition hall, well, it just felt particularly half assed. Also the family of stupid, noisy bogans who happened to come in there at about the same time we did didn't help, I just wanted to yell at them until they went away.

So, in a word, I was singularly underwhelmed by the whole thing... doubly do since it cost $3 more than the Da Vinci exhibition... (so for those of you keeping score, all up we paid $86 for a particularly underwhelming morning's entertainment... #sadpandaface).

My general recommendation to anybody else thinking of heading off to either of the exhibitions would be to try and find something more interesting to spend your money on... when all of those things are exhausted, go and see Da Vinci, then go home.

But as with most of life there aren't many problems that can't be solved with the careful application of chocolate... and given that we were down the road from the Haighs Factory we had to stop in... doubly so because they're now at the stage where they're selling off all the broken Easter eggs (plus it's marshmallow season again... woohoo!).

Although I'm not sure that spending money on chocolate is the best antidote for having spent too much money...

Oh well.

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