topham mall free for all

fred rock and gary seaman - collaboration ankles - two face
thumbs up jason fox - detention paste-ups
lisa king - you are beautiful sam evans - happy and sad doors
Sadly, given the appalling weather last Saturday, we never made it around to Topham Mall to watch the street art "free for all"...

But I wandered around on Monday at lunchtime and photographed it all. And I wasn't the only one... there was a bike courier and another guy in business wear both taking photos.

I do like Sam Evan's happy and sad doorways... I've featured a couple of similar pieces before, but it wasn't until recently that I knew whose work they were.

And finally... after weeks and weeks of stress and planning and having to change the date after I was off sick, I finally did my presentation this morning.

I'd planned everything out and had a cheat sheet covered in notes so I wouldn't forget anything and then proceeded to drop it after about my third slide and never bothered picking it up.

I'm not sure how well it really went... nobody fell asleep and there were certain points where people seemed to be engaged. Although I really don't have any idea of what the hell I said during that hour.

I did love the way my presentation ended up looking though... I used a black background and white text and it ended up with just the white words on the wall and looked a bit special if I do say so myself.

And afterwards Rockchick mentioned that I was doing that self-pacification rocking thing that I often do... and, do you know, I have no memory of doing that whatsoever... scary.

But it's a great relief that it's over and I don't have to think about it again.

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