my adelaide fringe picks 2011

my fringe picks 2011Last year I spent $150 on Fringe tickets and thought that I'd gone a bit nuts...

Of course last year I did it all completely spontaneously and there was no real planning or forethought that went into it... I just decided on tickets and bought tickets.

This year however, as I've been saying to a number of people, large countries have been invaded with less planning than I've put into choosing my Fringe tickets.

And I spent $565... okay, technically it's more like $365 because Ma is coming to a bunch of the shows with me, and she's buying her own tickets... but even $365 is a lot of money.

Yes it is... but for that I'm going to 15 different shows... including two I saw last year, one I wanted to see last year... three that are related to Shakespeare... three that are all about acrobatics... and the fabulous Adam Richard, the outrageous Scott Brennan and the available Wes Snelling in Talking Poofy, which I wouldn't miss for quids!

There's also an art exhibition I've very excited about... so the opening night of that has gone down in my diary...

But, chronologically, I'm seeing...
  • Talking Poofy: A shambolic show featuring a dangerously drunken panel of poofs talking dirty.

  • Macbeth: Six players create Shakespeare's 'Macbeth' with a flurry of swords, physical characterisations, blood, mud, bare feet and live music.

  • 100Bucks&Runnin'4: This large scale collaborative project showcases original artworks by established and emerging artists/ designers.

  • Explores the impact of contemporary modes of communication such as facebook, twitter, email, texting and sexting on relationships and uses some of Shakespeare's most famous characters, themes and plots to do so.

  • Shakespeare's Mothers: Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know: Mothers whose rampant protectiveness, lusty appetites and vaunting ambition set them against powerful enemies and drove them to treachery, adultery, war, murder and madness.

  • Barry Morgan's World of Organs: Mr Barry Morgan, the ultimate organ salesman will delight and entertain you as he performs his original organ favourites, whilst demonstrating the many fascinating features of the 1981 Hammond Aurora Classic and his very own one finger method.

  • Le Gateau Chocolat: Having packed his oversized suitcases full of lyrca, this outrageous operatic diva is set to deliver a delectable confection of mesmerising renditions, in his exquisite baritone voice.

  • Club Briefs: An all male cabaret of ballsy-burlesque, savage gender offenders and highflying circus bandits.

  • Philip Escoffey: Six More Impossible Things Before Dinner: The maverick Brit is back in Adelaide in his hotly anticipated follow-up show, challenging your most fundamental beliefs.

  • Nice Work If You Can Get It: A darkly satirical look at the machinations and manipulations of two office workers who will risk everything to climb the corporate ladder.

  • Pirate Rhapsody, Mermaid Requiem: Down and dirty award-winning cabaret artist Tommy Bradson retells Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Little Mermaid'.

  • The Boy with Tape on His Face, More Tape: What does he do? The less you know, the more you will enjoy!

  • World War Wonderful: World War Wonderful tells the story of three singers who make a killing performing to soldiers in America's unending stream of wars. But what happens when the president threatens peace for the first time in living memory?

  • Mothlight: Two acrobatic bodies. Fleeting realities. Dangerous intimacy. Obscured winged creatures. A visually intense and electric look at our primal dreams, desires and destructive tendencies.

  • Freefall: The artists combine traditional circus disciplines with contemporary movement and physical theatre to develop a dynamic and innovative performance style.

  • Swamp Juice: Bickering toads, overbearing fairies and a rather gentle swamp monster. Using shadow puppetry, acclaimed Canadian performer Jeff Achtem debuts an inventive new show about life in a swamp.
It may turn out that I should have been a little more discerning in my choices... but I'm very excited about it... even though it seems like forever and forever until the Fringe starts!

But given the number of shows, I think I'm going to need a very large nap at the end of it all...

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Anonymous said...

My shortlist is at 19, all comedy except for Club Briefs which was awesome last year so I can't wait to see it again! Also going to Talking Poofy (of course) and I would highly recommend, despite your high spend so far, Deanne Smith. She is lovely and brilliant and as lesbionic as a hardware store!

Victor said...

I saw Philip Escoffey at last year's Sydney Festival and his show was terrific.


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