photo friday: flying fox silhouette

flying fox silhouetteBefore we went to Sydney, I mentioned one of the things I was looking forward to:
And I definitely have to explore the Botanical Gardens this time... last time we just used it as a shortcut on our way to the Opera House and didn't really look around... plus I want to see the Flying Foxes again!
And explore we did... and we also saw a bucketload of screeching, wonderful Flying Foxes. But when I said that I didn't really image that I would end up with a perfect shot like that one! Having said that I have a bunch of shots that are either blurry or contain empty sky.

It's been a bit of a topsy turvy day today... When I got up at 6am it was still about 27°C and the temperature has been dropping ever since. I also had work pretty much to myself this afternoon when everyone else went off to a "training and development" afternoon that was just a social event. Now I don't mind that it was just a social event, but don't lie to me tell me that it's T&D when it clearly isn't going to be.

While I'm on the subject of "things that annoy me", I don't ask people to like everything I like. So don't insist that I have to like everything you like. I don't care how great you think that particular movie may be, or who wrote it or who directed it or whatever. If I tell you that I'm not interested in it, please accept that. And yes, I'm allowed to have opinions on things I haven't seen in their entirety based on what I have seen or read about them.

It's called a "judgement call", so please shut the fuck up now.

No, not you... you're fine...

Like I said, I had the office to myself so I attempted to start writing a set of guidelines I've been threatening to write up for a while. Wasn't a complete success, because I found the total lack of distractions actually kind of distracting. I also had to stop myself from writing the more complicated version of the document that we may need down the track.

I finally got a chance to see a couple of the episodes of Grand Designs Australia... the second episode of which was set in Surrey Hills in Sydney. And I found myself feeling... well, I guess the best description would be "homesick", particularly when they showed long shots of the city skyline. And I had a similar feeling viewing some photos fellow (former?) blogger Tom posted of the Sculptures By The Sea taken early in the morning. I'm as jealous as hell not only about the quality of the light in the photos, but also the fact he managed to snap shots that were pretty much deserted.

Part of me wishes that I was more of a risk taker, the kind of person who could just go "right, packing my bags and travelling to a new city, let's see what happens". The only thing I really have holding me here is Ma... everything else is pretty damn ephemeral. But it's not like I'd be able to move right into somewhere in or around the city...

Sorry... I suddenly got a lot more introspective and contemplative than I usually get on a Friday evening.

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Tom said...

Both fellow and former. I've pulled the plug on the latest incarnation but I still tweet tweet tweet!

Things don't have to be so black and white - Adelaide and Sydney aren't exactly far away from each other (yeah yeah half an hour and thirty years I know, but still!) so it would be easy to stick your foot in the water if you were so inclined. :-)


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