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benzo's lightbox jamie blank rundle lantern
I really needed to get out of the house today... the sun was shining, my neighbours were making with the "crash boom bang", playing whiny tuneless ethnic music and getting on my nerves... so I took myself off to the city with only some vague ideas about where I was going.

Part of the idea was to park in the carpark near the Rundle Street Market but that was very full, so I managed to snag a park a few streets away and walked back to the market...

Although honestly, the Rundle Street Market just keeps getting lamer and lamer... I'm hoping it will pick up by Christmas, but not holding my breath.

I wandered around, not with any great speed or destination in mind, just wandering... which was nice, and headed down the Mall, then did a loop around Currie Street to Light Square, then back down Hindley Street where I discovered that the Toy Soldier boys were given control of the light boxes in Blyth Street. And one of the shots is an uber-refined and stylised version of Jamie, the piece I bought last year.

As I've mentioned a few times before, finding new Toy Soldier pieces of street art always makes me excited (not in a weird way)... so that was a nice addition to the day.

Then I had a leisurely wander back down the Mall, stopped off for a bubble tea, looked at underwear and books and headed back to Rundle Street.

After some random stops and detours for more photographs (including something for the new Spring template... woohoo), I got back to the car and since I knew that Ma had to see her doctor for some test results (on a Sunday, who knew), I sat on a wall on Flinders Street soaking up the sunlight and waiting to see if the doctor was running on time. He wasn't, so I gave up and came home again.

On the upside, the test results were all fine.

And I had a very lovely day, although I am feeling a little weird at the moment.

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