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scott pilgrim vs the world - get the hot girl, defeat her evil exes, hit love where it hurtsSome confessions to start off with...
  1. This is the first Michael Cera movie I've ever seen.
  2. I did wonder whether this would be too "Gen Y" for me
  3. I haven't read the graphic novels... yet...
  4. Scott Pilgrim vs The World had me at the pixelated Universal logo
Seriously, this movie was very, very awesome!

The music, the video game vernacular, the on-screen text for some of the sound effects, the fight sequences, the fact that Scott Pilgrim just knows kung fu for no good reason when the first battle begins... just, everything.

And why did nobody think to tell me that Scott has a gay best friend? Kieran Culkin kicks ass (although sadly not literally) as the very snippy and slutty Wallace Wells... very cool.

I just found myself smiling through most of this movie...

Michael Cera was great... he does seem to have made a career out of playing exactly this character, skinny little nervous lovelorn dorks... but it works for the character, and there are definitely some moments where he breaks that mould.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is mysterious yet engaging as Scott's dream girl Ramona (I think I like her with blue hair best of all), I expect to see big things in the future from Ellen Wong after her turn as the uniquely named Knives Chau... and almost without exception the Seven Evil Exes are fantastic (the Japanese twins are a little underdeveloped, but oddly their battle is one of my favourites), especially an unrecognisable Brandon Routh as Vegan Todd and the scenery chewing Chris Evans as movie star caricature Lucas Lee.

It's bouncy, it's funny, it's sweet, it's hyper and it's very definitely entertaining...

yani's rating: 5 evil exes out of 5

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