photo friday: mixed elements

mixed elements at federation squareThe mixing of elements at Federation Square... grass and stone and metal... and a bike...

A week ago we were sitting in the movies watching I Love You Phillip Morris... and as busy and chaotic as last Friday was, it was 100 times more fun than this Friday. In fact this whole "week" has been a little intense... even though it was only 3 days long.

Fortunately all the work stuff came together okay in the end and I got a phonecall just as I was walking out the door to say that they liked the finished product... so woohoo!

However tonight hasn't quite worked out as intended, and it may still fall in a heap yet.


I'm sure there's some element of post-holiday letdown in there too...

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Mind Of Mine said...

I just got back from Ibiza, I also have the holiday blues.

I feel your pain, man!


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