photo friday: faux frog cakes

faux frog cakes - ackland street bakeryThese are possibly the worst imitation Frog Cakes ever snapped in the window of the Ackland Street Bakery... they may also be the only imitation frog cakes ever made. But Ma and I both took one look at them and nearly fell over laughing.

So very bad...

Although if they don't taste like a mouthful of air soaked in sugar then they may actually be ahead of the game. While I love the Frog Cake in theory, every time I have one I remember why it is that I haven't had one in so long.

I decided against going to Nut House drinks tonight. Partly because the pub chosen by Lucretia was five miles away from work, and only opens at 4pm, and sounded like a big fat waste of time... partly because there were other people from work who got invited along, and while I might be fine working with them, I don't really want to have to socialise with them... and partly because I just didn't want to.

Will I get chastised on Monday? Who cares. All I wanted to do was come home, shut the door and relax.

All in all though it was a reasonably good day... even though I did get slightly shortchanged on the amount of porridge and caramelised banana I got from the organic shop, and the side door into work wasn't working so I had to go around the other side... not major disasters... and the porridge was yummy as always.

And while that wasn't necessarily the high point of my day, it's probably a good place to leave it...

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Sunshine said...

They look dreadful. Square frogs ... geez, what were they thinking???


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