bad phone

grrr bad phoneGrrrrr... bad phone... bad!

*mutter mutter mutter*

I went to charge my phone today, since it was nearly out of juice (always a good time, I know)... but after giving me the "Charging" message, it then came up with a "Not Charging" (or "Charging Failed" or something, I can't remember now)... so after trying it on two different chargers and every free socket in the house, I bit the bullet and took it into town to Optus World...

I also took my old phone with me, because I was already having visions of having to send my phone in for repairs, which, seeing as I've only had it for 13 days hardly seemed fair.

The blonde girly who served me (who did seem to have a fraction more of a clue than the Asian girly who served Ma and I originally) didn't have any more luck than me trying to get the phone to charge, and the end result was that I had two choices... I could either send it back under warranty to be repaired or get it replaced under the ELF (Early Life Failure... I think)... I decided to have it repaired, mostly because I figured it might actually take less time (since she told me they were out of stock of new phones)... so I changed my SIM card over and she started writing up the paperwork to send it off. Then neither of us could remember what the charging failure message was, so she went to plug it back in, just to check, without the SIM or anything.



She said I could still send it off if I wanted to, but I decided to bring it home and see if it would do what it was told. And thus far, it's charging...

Of course I'm now completely paranoid, and keep checking that it's still charging every ten minutes or so...

Current Mood: don't do that to me!

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