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home: worlds collide
I'll admit that Home wasn't quite what I was expecting...

It wasn't necessarily better or worse than I thought it was going to be, just different.

As often seems to be the case though, it was a story about two misfits finding each other and discovering that they're stronger together than apart. But it is a sweet version of that story.

The animation is also fantastic... from the alien Boov characters (who are just damn adorable, especially the main guy, Oh) through to some very well detailed, if slightly stylised, humans.

The voice cast are likewise well chosen... from Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons as Oh to singer Rihanna (who also provides a number of songs for the soundtrack) as Tip, the human girl to Steve Martin as the leader of the Boov. Although it is really Parsons and Rihanna who carry the movie.

But while it's very sweet and quite funny, and the story was more interesting than I was expecting, it's not perhaps as moving as some other animated features.

yani's rating: 3 passwords out of 5

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