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This week has been a hell of a thing...

Firstly work got so crazy I had to go back to making a master list of all the things I had to do, which I haven't really had to do since I started back at the Nut House... but I ended up with a raft of tasks that weren't my usual ones, so I knew if I didn't keep them all straight in my head I'd miss one.

Then on top of that I haven't really had time to do all the things I usually do in addition to the new stuff. Thank goodness for Pixie, who just got on with all the stuff I couldn't.

Also this week, after what felt like forever, the workmen finally game to make the repairs to the roof of my apartment block to fix the issue I had last year with water in places it shouldn't be. This involved a gigantic crane and them seemingly tearing up half of the roof. Which may not have been a problem had they done it during the period of time where we hadn't had any rain for over a month, no, no... they had to come right after we had rain.

So of course I came home on Tuesday night to find that some very dirty water had dripped down the wall in a number of spots, plus some general grit and dirt that must have fallen though the crack between the wall and the architrave while they were ripping up the old gutters.

That meant that I spent a good chunk of this evening washing down that wall, moving furniture around and vacuuming the carpet. Not exactly the most interesting way to spend a Friday night. Doubly so because I had to nail the backboard back onto the little bookcase since I tried to move it while it was full, and I think I ripped all the nails loose.

We've also had two Fringe shows this week, and I had a haircut with Tink in the middle of the week, so compared to a normal week for me, it's been very busy.

It was great to see Tink again though, and hear about all of her dramas after the fire next door to their place. The weirdest thing though is that the place they've now moved into is almost a perfect combination of the last two houses... it has the kitchen and laundry of the last place and more of the feel of the place before. Cool, but strange.

And what with the combination of all the things she had to tell me, and all the things I had to tell her, plus the haircut, we ended up sitting around and chatting until almost 11pm.

The nice folks from Adam also finally got around to reinstating my FTP files, so at least the mood icons are working again on the blog, although I still can't actually get into the account yet, but this is at least progress.

I've also been having a little bit of a nostalgic flashback the last couple of days because this time last year Ma and I were in Sydney... which is doubly on my mind because we don't currently have a plan for heading back any time soon. It's still be nice to head over there for the Vivid Festival in May, but I feel like that could be better in theory than in practice.

I was also really sad to hear about the death of one of my favourite authors, Terry Pratchett. But at the same time the number of people sharing their favourite Discworld quotes on social media made me very happy.

I don't know that I have a favourite quote... but I do have two favourite characters... Granny Weatherwax and the anthropomorphic personification of Death.

Which is part of why I found the three tweets they used to announce Terry's death with so touching... as well as the fact they just sounded like Terry.

The messages read:

Terry took Death's arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night.

The End.
Good travels Terry!

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