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I was very thankful that this was a short week...

I don't know if it was due to all the alcohol last Friday, or making out with a strange young man on Saturday morning, or what, but I've come down with some form of lurgy this week.

In fact, when I got home from work on Monday I lay on the bed to look at some stuff on my laptop and ended up getting into bed properly and napping until about 7pm... then I got up, made dinner, watched a small amount of teevee and was in bed again by 9pm. I wouldn't say that I slept right through the night, I did end up waking up several times, but I did that thing I often do when I'm sick, cocooned myself in my doona and tried to cook the lurgy out of my system.

It didn't work perfectly, but that was pretty much the worst I felt all week, which is something.

Wednesday was a gigantic clusterfuck of a day.

In some ways it all started because I forgot my headphones until I was at the bus stop... so I had to come back to the house for them. When I got back and a bus did arrive the bus driver was a fucking moron. Normally a bus driver would open the door, then fuck around with changing the route number and whatever. Not this asshole... he kept half a dozen of us standing there waiting while he dicked around for what must have been a good couple of minutes. And when I knocked on the door he just held up a finger in the "wait" gesture.

And when he finally opened the door I told him that maybe next time he should do that first before he messed around... his response made no sense and had nothing to do with what I'd just said.

Then he drove like a backward toddler on the way into town... seriously, I already thought he was a moron, this just further confirmed it.

So I was annoyed when I got off the bus, and then everyone walking in front of me seemed to be walking at half speed. Grrrr. I may have had a little rant to H-San when I got to work.

Then I had to call Origin to complain about my gas bill... which was, as always, a giant waste of time... and didn't get my anywhere other than being generally annoyed by incompetence and bureaucracy.

Next up, I tried to book tickets to see Adam Hills at the Cabaret Festival in June... but I must have been a little overwrought by that stage because I think I put my card expiry date in wrong, which meant I had to call them and get them to fix it... hopefully that actually happened, I didn't hear that there was any kind of problem, but I won't know if I actually have tickets for another week.

The day didn't improve much from there... it was just one thing after another all day long, and even though all of the contractors, including myself, got out of a pointless meeting in the afternoon, I ended up spending most of the time on the phone trying to get our photocopier/printer fixed after I printed a webpage that didn't agree with it and "crashed" the system.

For fucks sake.

The point at which it actively because ridiculous was on my walk home when I discovered they've started the renovations on the final section of the Adelaide Oval grounds... which include the path up the hill I take every day. And they've blocked it off, with no actual warning signs... and I had to backtrack and then detour around.

Fortunately Thursday improved considerably.

But as I said, I very much thankful that today was a holiday and I could just do very little all day. In fact I didn't even bother getting out of bed until around 10am.

Then I did some tidying up around the apartment, cleared some old teeshirts out of my wardrobe, which I've been intending to do for a while now, especially since I currently have an obsession with Ript Apparel and TeeFury.

After I had a shower and made some lunch I watched a movie and then decided to play a little Heavy Rain on the PS3. It's definitely a different kind of game than I'm used to... very slow and not always as straight forward, but interesting.

And then I made a giant tuna mornay, which I haven't done in a while, and it turned out very nice... and given that it's enormous I'll have some to take to work next week.

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