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Today was pretty damn low key... which is good given that I was a little seedy when I woke up this morning. And doubly so because I woke up at like 5:45...

Although an early morning gentleman caller was just the thing to wake me up properly and shake the last of my hangover loose.

Yeah, I know, but it was a case of right time, right place, right guy.

Anyway, after he left I took a second shower and got ready for the usual shopping Saturday.

When Ma got here, we went and did a somewhat minimal shop... on my part, that was mostly because I didn't have dinner for two nights last week... one due to the gigantic afternoon tea which meant I ended up just having cereal... and the other being last night and the beer adventures where my dinner was whatever food ended up on the table.

After a quick turn around Target it was back here for the usual unpacking.

We really didn't have anything planned for today, and neither of us had anything we especially wanted to do, so after a bit of back and forth we figured we could always go to the movies. Ma was looking in the paper, I was looking on my phone, and we both went "Hmmmm" at about the same time, and Ma started reading something from the paper. I turned my phone around to show her... same movie.

So we headed into the city.

We had some time to kill before the movie, so we wandered up to the Mall and dropped into Dymocks so that I could see if they had a copy of Giraffes Can't Dance to replace the copy that Tink lost due to water damage after the fire.

They did... so that's a plus. We then wandered around upstairs and I grabbed the Terry Pratchett book that I was missing from the end of the series (I would have bought another one but I couldn't remember where I was up to in that subseries) as well as the second Veronica Mars novel.

Then we headed back to the movies.

Afterwards we called into Burger Theory for a very, very late lunch... and after reading the not exactly "food porn", but very appealing description of the falafel burger earlier in the week, we both decided to go with that. Turned out to be a very wise decision, because it was damn tasty.

So not really an exciting day, but useful.

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