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Even though we ended up doing a lot of stuff today this is going to be a reasonably quick update because I've also got two Fringe reviews to write and my computer took about a billion years installing updates when I got home.
But for a day where we didn't really know what we were going to do with our time, we certainly found ways to fill it.

Fortunately both Ma and I were running late this morning... I say fortunately because it's better than the occasions where I'm running late and she isn't.

The supermarket safari was pretty average... Although even though we didn't seem to have massive amounts more groceries than usual, we did collectively spend more money than usual.

Then we came back here for general unpackery and whatnot... All the while trying to decide what the hell we were going to do until our first show of the evening at 4pm.

In the end we decided on a quick(ish) trip to IKEA, followed by a trip to Marion.
The IKEA trip was supposed to just be for yet more picture frames, but I also wanted to pick up a larger kitchen bin than the one I bought when I first moved in. Now either I imagined a larger bin or else they've stopped making it, both of which aren't useful.

But I got the frames, and some really gorgeous scissors (which for some reason look Japanese to me), and a couple of general bits of useful uselessness.

Then we headed off to Marion for what was mostly an exercise in killing time.

It did, for some reason, turn into something of a shoporama. It started with some plastic containers for Ma and some Lego for me... because AFOL. Then I got distracted by the "sale" sign at Gametraders and bought more Funko Pop figures (although one of them is a different Olaf to put away for Ma for Christmas).

Then Ma found a bag she liked while I was in another store looking at the strangest thongs I have ever seen in my entire life. Seriously, go and look at that picture... that's a product on a shelf in a store, for real actual people to exchange for cash. Yeah, somebody sat in a meeting and came up with that idea, and then a designer sat down and drew those, then they were made. What the actual fuck!

On the down side, they have the strap that I prefer, which is just wrong since that style of thong is in short supply.

Anyway, from there we came back here, dropped off all our shopping and basically turned around, wandered downstairs and across the square to the Channel Nine Studios to see our first show, then came back here, killed some time and headed out into the city nice and early so that we could get some dinner, have a wander and still be in plenty of time for our later show.

We ended up eating at Owens Noodles... which was delicious, but really difficult to eat given the shape of the container, and neither of us actually finished it all since the only available size was "holy fuck that's giant".

Then we just went and found a spot in Gluttony and watched the passing parade/horror show of humanity until it was time for the show.

So a pretty long day all in all, but fun was definitely had.

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