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By the end of today my brain was very broken...

It's been a strange week overall really. I spent about five and a half hours cleaning the apartment last Sunday in preparation for the inspection on Tuesday. As I said on Twitter on Sunday evening, while I hate the process of doing the big clean up, I do love the apartment once it's all bright and shiny. Especially because I end up doing all the sorting out and organisation that tends to get skipped over in my normal housework routine.

And of course, I got full marks more or less from the land agent. Plus he finally got around to sending out a plumber to fix the issue with the toilet cistern I've had more or less since I moved in. It was reasonably minor, but it's been bugging me, and I've mentioned it at each inspection, so I'm glad it's finally been dealt with.

Then there were just the two Fringe shows this week... one planned, the other completely unexpected when I was offered free tickets. And after the show on Thursday I decided that I would stop off at the Blinc light show in Elder Park on the banks of the Torrens for the Adelaide Festival.

blinc festival - squidsoup blueblinc festival - jumbo
My overall thoughts... m'eh.

The lighting grid in the rotunda (above left) is great, but everything else is a bit lackluster... especially the projection on the Festival Theatre, because with all the other lights around making sure people can see where they're going and what they're doing, the whole thing ends up really washed out and less interesting than I would have otherwise have hoped.

And there's were a collection of talking faces over on the far side of the bridge that were rigged up with speakers... and one of them was this horrible screechy, processed voice that you could hear clear across the river and half way to the rotunda, and was frankly creeping me out every time I heard it.

The elephant should have been good... but given that it's floating in mid air instead of being anchored to a base, it just feels fake... plus it looks like slightly cartoony CGI to me.

I did have a brief moment of fun with the "sound horn" installation, where you spoke into a cone and it transferred the sound into light and along a tube to a wall display. Everyone before me had just been saying a word here or there, and getting slightly lackluster results.... and the only thing that popped into my head was my third favourite Press Gang quote ("You're a warped, repressed, power-mad bitch! You don't have the morals of an alley cat! And you never made a friend that you didn't use!"), which gave some pretty impressive results.

I ended up hanging out for a little over an hour, but part of that was lining up for the rotunda and grabbing a hot chocolate after it got a little chilly.

And then today I felt like my feet didn't touch the ground for the whole day. Every time I turned around I had some other little weirdness crop up and they just ended up filling my whole day. I didn't really get to any of my regular jobs, it was just one random thing after another.

I also managed to put the finishing touches on a plan I had earlier in the week when the #MarchBabiesRock hashtag made it's annual reappearance on my Twitter stream...

#marchbabiesrock tastefully printed shirt
I found TeeSpring who seem to be somewhat like the Kickstarter or t-shirt ideas... so I figured I'd put together the "tastefully printed hashtag t-shirts".

Now I just need some preorders before they'll print the shirts. So if you're a March baby, or you know one, consider one of these lovely shirts! I would have already ordered one for myself, but I honestly can't decide between the dark grey and bright red versions.

So all in all, it's been a hell of a week. Thank all the appropriate deities it's a long weekend!

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