fringe: inconceivable

adelaide fringe: inconceivable
Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die.

It's one of those movie lines that you just know... and if you're a fan of The Princess Bride, you would find it hard to resist quoting the line along with the actors in a theatrical version.

Which is the idea behind Inconceivable by theatre troupe Dramatic Inspirations... the audience was invited to quote lines from the play along with the actors.

It's an idea that could go horribly wrong, but on this occasion it wasn't too bad... there are certain lines that EVERYONE knows, there were a couple of girls near us who clearly had been watching the movie on repeat in anticipation and we were also sitting in front of a row of nerdy boys.

The only issue with this approach is when the actors don't present the lines exactly as you remember them, or with different intonation than the movie... which is going to happen (for example, the "Buttercup is marry Humperdinck in little less than half an hour" which essentially all came from Patinkin's accent).

Directors Michael (who also played Westley) and Emma Shaw also chose to go with a girl for the role of the child in the real world story, which kind of changed the dynamic a little, but not enough that it was a probem. But Megan Folland who plays the girl does a good job with the role.

Andy Jenkin as Inigo and Ian Milne as Fezzik are both brilliant, both capturing the essence of the characters... plus Jenkin is gorgeous with his Inigo facial hair.

While it's hard not to make comparisons to the movie cast, Shaw manages The Man in Black well, but I found that Bel Sims as Buttercup was playing her a little more... dim... than I would have liked. Likewise Josh Mitchell does a great job as the creepy Count Rugen, but he does need to speak a little more loudly so he can be heard past the the first couple of rows, especially when the crowd is laughing.

Adam Trimboli doesn't have the best of costumes, however he does have the attitude of Prince Humperdink down to a tee.

Special mention does have to go to Matt Thomas as both Miracle Max and the Clergyman with the speech impediment. Although because the audience knew what was about to happen when the Clergyman walked out, he got a laugh even before he'd said anything.

It wasn't always the most polished of productions, but it was clearly done with great affection for the original material and that definitely counts for a lot.

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