lego: batman & super angry kitty attack/double decker couch

lego: batman and super angry kitty attack and double decker couchlego: batman and super angry kitty attack and double decker couch
When Lego announced they were going to release the Batman and Super Angry Kitty Attack set and the Double Decker Couch set, they both immediately went on my wish list. C'mon, two different versions of UniKitty plus glow in the dark Ghost Vitruvius and Benny!

I bought the Batman set for myself, but the Couch set was from Ma for my birthday, and because that was only a week after we bought them, I waited to put them together until I had both sets.

lego: batman and super angry kitty attack - the bagslego: double decker couch - the bags
The brick bags and instructions weren't really all that surprising, although I wasn't sure what the little white cardboard boxes in each set were for... turns out they're Batman and Vitruvius's capes.

lego: batman and super angry kitty attack - knollinglego: double decker couch - knolling
I do enjoy knolling out all the pieces... sure it probably takes longer to do than to just dump all the pieces out and start building, but I feel like you save some time at least in the actual construction phase, and trying to lay them out with most of the similar colours together does make for a pretty photo.

lego: batman and super angry kitty attack - bats and skellylego: double decker couch - the spirit, the spaceman, the suit and the special
The main plus to both of these sets are the minifigures...

I mean the robot skeleton is a bit average, although the pieces used for the arms and legs were interesting. And although it's hard to see, Batman's grappling gun is a serious bit of construction, all based around one of the regular gun models. I also noticed that the other gun was actually featured in the last minifig series as the Alien Trooper gun.

The minifig I was the most excited about though was Spaceman Benny, mostly because he's my favourite character from the movie. What's nice about all of the couch set minfigs is that they have double sided faces with one side the happy faces seen in the photo, the other sad or confused faces.

Oh and I get the waffle (kind of), but that's the deal with the sausage?

lego: batman and super angry kitty attack - she's super angrylego: double decker couch - confused kitty
And here we come to my favourite parts of both sets. The UniKitties.

I do love her, never more so than when she loses her cool at the end of the movie and turns into the red, fiery Angry Kitty. And having these two variations, the Super Angry Kitty and the Confused Kitty (who also comes with Sad Kitty face... see the extra image at the end of the post) was nice, especially the sitting Kitty.

But I will say that the neck joints are a little flimsy. Yeah, I realise it's just held in place with a single stud, but even the act of turning her head is enough to either push the larger head bricks off the round brick that serves as her neck.

She is adorable though (and her horn was also used by the last minifig series, unsurprisingly for the unicorn girl's horn).

lego: batman and super angry kitty attack - mini micro managerlego: double decker couch - the couch
Next up are the non-minifig parts of the builds... the Micro Manager and the Double Decker Couch.

I will admit that while the Micro Manager has some nice playability features, it does make it harder to just display, and I'm thinking I could do with some transparent bricks to get it up off the ground (I ended up holding it up in the air while I took the shot at the top of the post, and although I couldn't show the whole thing, it did work out pretty well). The cube construction and the arms are pretty cool though.

After building the double decker couch though, I fully understand why Vitruvius told Emmet that his "idea is just the worst". There really are a number of strange things about the build and I don't know how long it would last actually being played with.

Firstly, the ladders on the side don't actually connect to anything at the top, and they actually flare out slightly which just looks wrong to me aesthetically. And because the whole thing is constructed with hinges, and the only place where the top and bottom parts are connected are at the back, it just feels a little wonky. If the ladders had clipped into something at the top it would have just felt more stable.

lego: batman and super angry kitty attack - the finished build

lego: double decker couch - the finished build
The two finished sets look pretty damn good though... and I'm especially in love with Emmet's little car (more on that in a second). It should all make a nice general display once I work out exactly how I'm going to arrange the two sets and mix in the other Lego Movie minifigs (and whether or not to display them with the Emmet's Construct-O-Mech set).

I also wasn't aware that the ghost costume actually glowed, which is pretty damn cool.

lego: double decker couch - bonus sad kittylego: double decker couch - bonus emmet's wheels
These are the extra pieces from the couch set... firstly, UniKitty comes with these sad eyes (and an extra pair of eyebrows), and then the other major part of the set is Emmet's car.

It really is so adorable, and comes with a cute little hatch in the back to store his hard hat.

But it was definitely a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

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