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So how do you make the transition between Fringe time and the rest of your normal boring life less of an abrupt change?

Well, if you're me it involves two days of sleep deprivation (ten hours in two days), a minor bout of mental trauma (completely unrelated to Fringe), a confession in an area I didn't want to make a confession, sex with a stranger that included a massage that, while lovely, has left my back a little unsettled... and a work week where I wasn't the least bit productive.

But on the up side I posted more stuff to the blog than usual.

I also took myself to breakfast last Sunday, like I do most every year (last year not included due travel plans)... and as usual treated myself to a big fat breakfast, coffee and and orange juice while I worked on my review for the Danny Elfman show.

Then on Sunday night as I was on my way to my last Fringe show I noticed the boys from Bromance just inside the entrance to the Royal Croquet Club, and once I realised it was them, I had to stop and tell them how amazing their show was and how it had affected me... and got three hugs... well, technically two bro hugs (that peculiar hug which involves having the almost arm wrestling hand hold between the two bodies as you hug) and one regular hug. But given the topic and theme of the show, I did find that slightly amusing.

And really, that's about it for this week.

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