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southern bricks lego show - giant minifigssouthern bricks lego show - x-wing crash

southern bricks lego show - lego tardissouthern bricks lego show - maxifig family
Today was one of those busy, busy days... although perhaps not as busy as I initially expected it to be.

It started out this morning with my changing my bedding and rotating my mattress. I keep meaning to flip the mattress around, but it's a big heavy mattress, so it's been a while since I last did it. Turned out not to be anywhere near as traumatic as I remember it being, so I'll have to remember that.

By the time Ma got here I was ready to go and we headed off to the supermarket.

I grabbed some supplies to give the cookies I made last week, but other than that it was pretty much an average shopping excursion.

We came back here and I unpacked while Ma set up her laptop and external hard drive... she wanted me to move all her files across, but to be honest I think she just wanted a safety net, so I made her start the process here so she would see that it wasn't particularly time consuming or arduous. Plus it makes more sense for her to move the files since she actually knows where they all are.

Plus... "teach a person to fish" and all that.

Once we were done shifting the first lot of times and hard started on the second much larger batch we left the computer to it's own devices and headed out.

Our first stop for the day was the Southern Brick/Toy Corner Lego Show out at Toy Corner in Ridgehaven. Not really surprising given the photos at the top of the post.

Given that it's the first ever show, and I know that Toy Corner isn't a massive space, I wasn't expecting a whole lot... it turned out to be okay, although there were far more models that were just existing Lego kits than there was at the Sydney Brick Show.

Although there were a few nice pieces, the largest and most impressive was the gigantic Star Wars themed movie theatre (that's where the X-Wing comes from, it was crashed into the side of the building)... it was full of cute little jokes, and the theatre screen was an iPad which was playing one of the Star Wars movies, which was a very clever touch.

Given it's a small store and there were a LOT of people and not a huge number of models we didn't stay all that long once we'd seen everything. We did head over the Tea Tree Plaza for a little while though.

I'm not sure if it was the time of day or the fact it's now November and people are starting to get into the Christmas crazy, or if it's always like that, but it was very noisy and a little bit mental.

We grabbed a couple of bits and pieces, nothing major, a couple of things for Christmas mostly and then we realised that we really needed to make a move if we were going to get into the city in time for our next stop.

A few weeks ago I saw a Tweet from Palace Nova cinemas saying that they were having a screening of Macbeth... which was good enough for me, but it turned out that Kenneth Branagh was playing the title role with Alex Kingston (River Song from Doctor Who) as his lady wife... so, yeah, that was pretty much a given.

After we'd found a park we stopped off at Taste on Rundle, the new(ish) artisan bakery on Rundle Street for a little bit of something before heading into the movies. We picked out a lovely sourdough roll (well, it was a big, long roll, but still a roll I think) with cheese and chorizo and a roasted vegetable quiche and split them between us. I was slightly more enamoured with the sourdough, but the quiche wasn't too bad for what it was... if a little greasy.

It was a somewhat strange mix to the crowd... it seemed almost like it was people under 40 who were possibly fans of Alex Kingston and people over 50 who were probably general Shakespeare fans or fans of Branagh. It's probably a massive overgeneralisation, but it did seemed to be something of a divergent crowd.

And once we got out of the movie we pretty much called it a day, headed back here and Ma went on her merry way home.

It's weird, we have a number of fairly busy weeks coming up, and yet none of them really have anything to do with Christmas preparations. We do need to get our act together though, since it'll be December before we know it. Thankfully we're not going to be doing the major league Christmas Goodie making that we usually do... I obviously don't need them to give to workmates anymore (which is something of a relief) and Ma doesn't give as many as she used to.

So that'll mean a slightly more relaxed pre-Christmas weekend with any luck.

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