photo friday: eastern calendar

eastern 2014 calendar
Today has been...well... weirder than the previous few weeks, that's for sure.

It started out with me running around first thing on Monday, returning a bag full of stones to the ocean... including a complete set of handmade Norse rune stones (so if you're at the beach to the north of Glenelg and you happen to find a stone with a rune on it, that was me). Plus throwing stones at full force into the ocean just generally made me feel better. This was followed by a trip to Kmart to pick up some cheap DVDs... and I can't tell you how long ago it was that I last bought a DVD.

Then in the afternoon I had some serious heart palpitations when my laptop stopped working. It's been fine for the rest of the week, although I've been treating it with kid gloves a little more than usual.

Then Tuesday was cookie making and the movies. The cookies didn't turn out all that badly after all... some of them were a little drier than they should have been, but it might be worth returning to the recipe again, since I'm pretty sure the real issue was the cooking time rather than anything else.

I also printed out Ma's calendar, just in case my laptop does fall over. It printed perfectly after I made the alterations to the design... and even if I do say so myself, I do some quality work, both photographically and with the design.

Wednesday morning I took the calendar to Officeworks to have it bound up... and as usual, they did it right on the spot, and it only cost about $5.

Then Wednesday afternoon one of my buddies from Twitter came over to go through all the CDs I'd culled from my collection. He turned out to be the perfect person for the job since he took about 80% of them. We also had a nice chat for a couple of hours, and it was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Speaking of pleasant ways to spend an afternoon, Thursday afternoon I went to visit a young gentleman in his hotel room and amongst other things I got a very relaxing massage.

And today I spent a bunch of time running across the rooftops of Rome... okay, technically I was playing Assassins Creed, but it was the only thing of interest that really happened today.

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