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rushing here, rushing there, rushing everywhere
Today has been brought to you by the letter W for walking and the number 1 for one tired bunny... as in me, I'm the bunny in this scenario.

The day started somewhat earlier than usual... well, I think I got up at around the same time, but because Ma was getting her hair did I was left to my own devices regarding supermarket shoppery.

And because I was up and organised and didn't really need to do very much in the way of tidying up, I hauled ass to the supermarket very, very early.

So early in fact that the supermarket didn't open for another 15 minutes and even Bakers Delight hadn't turned their front lights on yet. Which meant that I just parked myself on a bench and waited.

The music they were playing in the shopping centre was a little weird... it seemed to be a combination of Christmas tracks and just regular songs... whether they introduce the Christmas music slowly or something, I don't know. But clearly I had too much time on my hands this morning, so these are the things I think about.

When the supermarket finally opened (after I made a quick side trip to Bakers Delight once they switched the lights on), I plugged in my headphones and got down to business. I ended up buying a bunch more stuff than usual... I'm not entirely sure why, but even so I still managed to make it all the way around the supermarket and head across the street to grab a few things at Coles in around the same time it would normally take Ma and I just to do the regular supermarket.

Once I got home Ma messaged me letting me know she was on her way, but I still had enough time to put all my groceries away and read the paper before she arrived.

And pretty much as soon as she got here we headed out to Bowerbird Bazaar for some pre-Christmas shopping.

I do love going along, but in a lot of ways I miss the days when less people knew about it and it was in the Old Queens Theatre. Grated there were less stalls then, but it also feels like it was easier to get around. I'm sure I probably complained about the number of people and/or the fact that they don't pay attention back then too.

But other than having to work around clueless folk it was a pretty good trip.

Ma and I only bought a few things... Ma bought me an original piece of art I really liked, I bought her a brooch and we bought a couple of things for Princess T and Miss Oh. We also stopped of at the Four Seeds stall as soon as we saw them to pick up some brownies so we didn't miss out on the flavours we wanted like we did at the last Fork on the Road.

cheesy goodness from dough
After we'd done a full circuit and backtracked to one or two places we stopped off at Juice Junkies for a beverage and a bit of a sit down. We then went to check out Dough and tried their sourdough and raclette... which is a Swiss chess (not the kind with the holes) that I've never heard of before, but it caught my attention because of the way the cheese was being prepared (as seen on the right)... weird, but very cool.

Turned out to be very tasty too, and not overly oily like a lot of melted cheese can get.

And by that point we were pretty much done. We did take a last look at a couple of things, but nothing really caught our eye, so we headed off.

I do just have to have a little mini-rant about the insanity of whoever is in charge of the Royal Adelaide Showgrounds... they've put ticket machines in for the parking, which I don't have a problem with, but they're the type of tickets where you go to a pay station before you leave, then use the paid ticket to access the exit gate... again, no issue there. No, my issue comes from the fact that the only place it appears you can pay for your ticket is OUTSIDE THE SHOWGROUNDS! There might be pay stations elsewhere, but none that are obvious and right by where all the parking happens. Thankfully I wasn't the only one who could see the insanity in this, and as I was lined up to pay the woman behind me asked the question (a little bit to the universe I think, but I answered her) of who the hell thought it was a good idea, so we had a nice little collective rant.

It's always nice to meet a kindred spirit.

From there we headed off to Big W at Arndale to have a look at the iPhone 5 cases.... Lego iPhone cases. Yeah, that was a gimme really. I'd seen them mentioned online, but I was never sure if they were official Lego products or not, but yep, official logo and everything. Now I just need the phone to go in it.

We also ended up hitting all the "discount" stores looking to see if we could find some plate stands (don't ask), which we found in literally the last place we looked (and yes, I know once you find them you stop looking, but we didn't have anywhere else to look) as well as tracking down half of the present for Ma's work Kris Kringle.

By that point we'd done a lot of wandering, a lot of looking at things, and did I mention a lot of wandering?

So I'm a little bit of a tired bunny now...

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