moody and blah kinda saturday shopping

yeah, this was about the sum total of my mood
I feel like there should be a word that means "not a complete disaster but pretty damned close and incredibly disappointing and essentially pointless"... something Yiddish maybe...

If there was such a word I'd be applying it liberally to this post to describe today.

As it is, the Grumpy Cat image that accompanies this post will have to suffice.

That was the other part of the problem to be honest, I wasn't in the best of moods, but I couldn't for the life of me tell you why. I was a little bit flat this morning and it just kind of carried over to the rest of the day and got worse due to circumstances. Although I'm not sure if things seemed to be getting worse due to my mood or my mood got worse because things kept going wrong.

So, yeah... blah.

Things started out okay... I got up early, tidied the apartment and was ready to go when Ma arrived.

Shopping wasn't too bad, except for a brief period of time where we were using two of those little hand cart trolleys because we couldn't quite get our collective act together (normally I only need one... it's often packed to the gills, but everything fits... today, not so much). In a lot of ways that was pretty much an indication of the way the rest of the day went.

On the upside we did get Ma a Little Black Dress... actually a long black and white stripey dress as well as a standard LBD, but she's not normally a dress kind of person, so it was fun to comb the racks and find options for her to try.

But once we were done with the usual supermarket stuff and associated Target wandering, we did have a definite plan for the day... but the Universe seemed to have other plans.

Our version of the day went a little like this... go to Ikea, get the glass top table that Ma finally decided on (which she could have gotten two years ago... possibly three, I'm not completely sure... which will be important in a moment), then load it into the back of her car and take it to her place so I could help her set it up. The secondary plan was for me to get a shelving unit to replace the bookcase behind the door provided it would go in the car alongside the table.

There were some tertiary plans, but they were neither here nor there.

As I said though, the Universe had other plans. They've had that particular table in stock for, like I said, at least two years... and I know they had a whole pile of them in the middle of October, because we looked specifically... and the day we decide to go and buy one... none in stock.

And the cheap shelving unit I wanted... none in stock.

Seriously? What the actual fuck?

So that kind of took the wind out of the rest of our day's sails.

To try and salvage the rest of the day we headed to Bunnings to see if they had anything comparable in the way of shelves... they didn't. I looked at pot plants to re-pot my Parlour Palm but by that point I just wasn't feeling it, so it's always better to avoid purchasing decisions when I'm in that kind of mood.

The only thing that did really go right is that I finally bought the new microwave... and it ended up being one of the ones I've looked at a bunch of times previously but kept thinking was the wrong size. But I remeasured it and it was the right size, so I figured "fuck it"... I'm tired of looking at the same dozen microwaves and not making a decision, so now it's done.

We really should have given up from there, but we headed over to Arndale to wander through Big W, but for some reason that particular Big W just gets mental on a Saturday afternoon in a way it never did before they renovated it. I don't know if it's just the lead up to Christmas, but if so that's all kinds of wrong given how far out we still are.

I had a bunch of things I wanted to look at but promptly forgot all of them, Ma reminded me about some more AAA batteries, but that was all I remembered until I'd stood in the overly long line for a little too long, so there's no way I was going back in again.

And once we'd wandered around a bit I just asked Ma to get me the hell out of there.

Now we just have to wait until after November 27 and try all this over again when the tables are back in stock.

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