lego minifigures series - the lego movie

lego minifigures series 12 - the lego movie
The next series of Lego minifigures will be coming straight out of the silver screen as characters from The Lego Movie.

To be honest, it's a very mixed bag... I kind of wish that they'd released these as a unique set, like the London Olympic team, outside the main series.

I'm guessing with the order of some of these, as they're listed as their character names, but the series looks something like this...
  • Calamity Drone (Evil Wild West robot woman)
  • Gail the Construction Worker
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Larry the Barista
  • Panda Guy
  • Velma Staplebot (1960's inspired evil robot businesswoman)
  • William Shakespeare
  • Taco Tuesday Guy
  • “Where are my Pants?” Guy
  • Wiley Fusebot (Redneck backwoods evil robot guy)
  • President Business
  • Wild West Wyldstyle
  • Hard Hat Emmet
  • Scribbe-Face Bad Cop
  • Mrs. Scratchen-Post (aka Crazy Cat Lady)
  • Marsha Queen of the Mermaids
There are only about six or seven of this set that I'm actually interested in, the others are either just not appealing or, like the Taco Tuesday Guy figure, are just existing minifigures with a new accessory and possibly a different face.

Currently I'm really loving Lincoln, Larry the Barista and Panda Guy...  Shakespeare (even though we've already had a Shakespeare-eske minifig previously) and the two minifig stars of the movie, Emmet and Wyldstyle are cute, as is Marsha the mermaid, even if she's a little over the top colour-wise.

All the others (the evil robots especially) are a bit m'eh.

As always, Whitefang over at the Eurobrick forums has done a review of the whole set.

And given the news that the series after this one will be a Simpsons series means I probably won't be collecting a full series again until they go back to the regular minifigs.

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