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It seems like after going through all of the obvious pieces of art I own on Monday, I keep discovering other bits and pieces that I either forgot about or didn't count in the original collection.

That also included finally getting the painting based on one of my Instagram photos on Tuesday morning. Although it caused me some drama and an unexpected additional cost, I have to say that the painting itself is really gorgeous.

I feel like this is the tipping point after which the rest of the year will just feel like it's disappearing at a rate of knots. When I think about it logically it's probably not true... but there are a few things that are happening in the next week or so that I've been looking forward to or that are on my calendar at the very least, and then it's December and there's Christmas trees to trim and goodies to make (although in much smaller quantities and varieties this year), and before you know it, it's Christmas Day... and then a week after that it's 2014.

So, yeah... we're definitely on the downward slide.

And doubly so since the 2014 Adelaide Fringe program gets released online next Friday... It's going to have to be a slightly more restrained version this time, so I'll need to be very strict with my culling.

Coming back to this week though, other than taking lots of photographs of things and catching up on the second season of The Legend of Korra, the only other thing of note was getting my hair did.

Tink and I had an audience for the first half hour of my haircut... Tink Jr. Normally she's in bed by the time I get there, but Tink had let her stay up a little later than usual. And she was fine... she pretty much sat on the couch with her Elmo doll occasionally singing to herself for the first half... and other than some brief whinging when Tink put her to bed there wasn't too much drama.

Other than that the haircut was about the same as usual. Tink cut my hair, we talked a lot of crap, Tink coloured my hair, we talked a lot of crap, we waited for my hair to cook... well, you get the idea.

And at the end it was after 10pm, my hair was short and blonde and we'd talked a lot. So, nothing new there.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go and think about the fact we're headed towards the end of the year...

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