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teeny tiny parcels in a teeny tiny trolley
Today was a much more productive Saturday than last week.

Although this whole "cleaning" rampage I seem to be on at present isn't good when it means you're standing outside at 6:45am cleaning your windows.

It started because I happened to see a giant spiderweb glinting in the sunlight just outside my front door, went out to knock it down with the broom and realised that the parts of the living room window that wind out (and the piece between them) were more than a little grubby. And before I knew it, there I was with Windex and kitchen towel in hand.

Granted I do still need to clean the top sections and the bottom section, and wash the flyscreens... but the windows are now much easier to see through.

I also dusted my laptop table while I was in the cleaning mood... and Saturday mornings are one of the few times where it's not switched on.

And that was all before I even had a shower.

Once Ma got here the supermarket portion of the morning was about the same as usual... although given that it's a little bit over a month until Christmas I did pick up some Turkish Delight for my annual batch of Rocky Road.

And speaking of the Yuletide season, that was pretty much the plan for today... to head into the city and finish up some bits of Christmas shopping, as well as picking up the vinyl toys from Espionage.

We managed to snag a car park in Hindmarsh Square, even though it did entail doing two loops around the square before we found one... but at least it was nice and close.

First stop was Kmart to return the frame I bought for the Burger Theory postcards, but which had one space too few for said cards, then we went awandering to look at bits and pieces for Christmas presents.

Fortunately we were only looking for a couple of things... or rather things for a couple of people, because as usual Ma didn't really have a plan about the what, only the who. And thankfully we found one of them fairly quickly, mostly by accident.

We also stopped off at Target so Ma could look for a shrug type jacket to go with one of the dresses from last week... which they didn't have, but she ended up trying on a bunch of shoes, looking for something to go with aforementioned dress. We did manage to find her a couple of pairs, although it's always a little bit of an ordeal trying to find shoes she can actually wear.

On the way back up the Mall we stopped in at Optus to find out what the potential wait was on new iPhones since we're both due an upgrade about now (given that it was around this time two years ago we got our current phones), and I figured it would probably be a similar scenario to the previous one given the phones are still relatively new at this point.

And it ended up being almost the exact same situation as last time... the phone Ma wanted (a yellow iPhone 5C) they had in stock, the one I wanted (a black iPhone 5S) they didn't. But the nice girl in the store with the very punk-rock hair assured us they'd be getting some more in in a couple of weeks, so we'll go in at the end of the month and do it then.

I only remembered on the way up to Espionage that the first ever Bicycle Food Court was happening in the laneway outside, so we had a quick look before heading up to see Josh.

It was a much better plan to pick up the vinyl today instead of Thursday, since they were all bagged/boxed up waiting for us, and Josh didn't have to rush around.

We didn't stay too long as he had a workshop about to start, so we headed downstairs for some bicycle foodtruck (foodbike?) goodness before heading back to the car.

We took a detour off to Mile End to pick up a present for Ma's best friend and then called it a day.

Thankfully I don't think we really have all that much Christmas shopping left to do, I mean there will be little bits and pieces, but I have everything I need and I think Ma has pretty much everything, at least other than a few things she can pick up at her shops.

So, yeah... I know I say something similar to this around this time every year, but hopefully that's about it for Christmas shopping, well, other than Bowerbird Bazaar next weekend.

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