photo friday: touches of yellow

wall fish in yellow and whitewilkins with white and yellow highlights
Today was pretty much a cookery disaster... Well, maybe disaster is a little too strong a term, but things definitely didn't go according to plan.

First I made a second batch of cookies... but I added some Nutella to the mixture, then it seemed a little dry so I added a little more butter and put a batch in the oven... they came out very crumbly, which is when I realised that I hadn't added any egg. Second batch went in and came out pretty much flat... and still not right. Eventually I worked out I needed more flour, so about half of the cookies were just wrong, but the other half worked out okay.

I think I need a better recipe...

Then I was attempting to make a cheese, bacon and mushroom sauce to have over pasta for dinner... what I made ended up being more of a macaroni cheese kind of sauce. And like all roux sauces there's that moment where if you cook it for five seconds more it kind of becomes too thick.

Yeah, we went past the five second mark. Sure it was tasty enough, but it was a little like eating tasty glue with bacon and mushrooms.

I played waaaaaaaaay too much Assassins Creed Brotherhood this week... so much so that I finished the game completely, which is a little bit rare for me... although I don't know if it's because this is the first Assassins Creed game I've played but the ending was a little... weird, unfulfilling and strangely anti-climactic... and really left more questions unanswered than it answered.

I am having a little bit completist thing though... after I finished I went back into the game and started going through and finding all the treasure chests and flags I missed the first time. I'd already done a lot of the major side quests before I finished the game, but I don't think I'm quite ready to let it go completely yet.

And that's even though I'm still not all that great at the running and jumping parts of the game.

I got an email from one of the crowdfunding projects I took part in, telling me that they'd been notified that my reward was held up in customs here in Australia.

So after having to call the shipping company here in Adelaide twice (once this morning and again this afternoon because, you know, people never return photo calls) I'm technically none the wiser... supposedly Customs will be in contact with me, but according to the tracking information they've had the parcel for about a week, so I don't really know what all that's about.

I may have to try calling Customs directly next week if I don't hear anything. Annoying really since I've never had any problem with any of the other crowdfunding rewards, even the marshmallows.

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