save espionage gallery

save espionage gallery
I currently own more than forty pieces of artwork, which makes me an art collector.

And that's not one of those things that I ever thought I would say about myself. I wrote about it at the end of last year, and when I put my new bookcases together I made sure that I kept a space just to show off a small part of my collection.

The reason that I'm now have an art collection is due almost entirely to Espionage Gallery.

From the first time I set foot in the gallery in November 2011 to see the All Stars exhibition I felt right at home, thanks to the wonderful Joshua Smith. On that first trip I spent my entire lunchbreak in the gallery talking to Josh about street art and artists and came away with a handfulof stickers and a desire to return for their next show opening.

Technically that second trip wouldn't happen for another six months for the Limited Edition group print show in April 2012, which is when my art collecting really started.

Since then I've spent a lot of time on the second floor off Lindes Lane, bought a lot of art and had a lot of really great conversations with Josh (and a few with his new offsider Charlie).

And now it needs saving.

I'll let Josh explain a little more...
Hello everyone! It is sad to say but Espionage Gallery Adelaide is under threat of closure. Rising costs including liquor licensing fees is making it very difficult to survive.

To counteract this from happening, local and interstate artists have banded together to help save Espionage from closing by donating works for our Pozible Campaign and exhibition.

The exhibition which launches on November 14th at 6pm at Espionage Gallery will be the start of a month long campaign to try and raise $7000. This money will not only be used for keeping the doors open and to continue helping local emerging artists but to also install a new shop section to the gallery selling prints, vinyl toys, books, t-shirts, jewellery and other assorted items.

For the last 3 years Espionage has helped over 200 artists and showcased over 50 exhibitions. The gallery has helped build many art careers some of which have gone onto big things. If you can, please help by either donating to the cause once the Pozible is launched on the night, attending the opening of the campaign or creating awareness.

Help us to help Adelaide's art community!
Once the Pozible campaign launches tomorrow I'll come back and update this post with the appropriate details. But I'd encourage any of my Adelaide readers to come along tomorrow night and see the gallery for themselves, especially if they haven't been there before.

Contribute to the campaign and help keep the doors open!

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