my art collection

my art collection
One of the good things about having time on my hands currently is being able to go down my mental "I'll do that one day when I get around to it" list and checking things off left, right and centre.

From putting together bookcases, to baking cookies, to clearing out excess junk from my apartment... and the latest item was photographing my art collection and creating a blog to house the photos so I can keep track of it all.

And it felt like that was almost all I did yesterday. Granted I didn't start until after 10am when the light in my living room was perfect for taking photos, and it took me a couple of hours to unpack or unwrap or get each individual piece of art in position (and there were a couple that I forgot to do, so I had to add a few more this morning).

Then after lunch I went through and processed all the images, set up a private second blog and spent the whole afternoon going through old blog posts, receipts and the listing of Espionage's former shows so I could get the dates, prices and everything right.

While I said last week, in my post about the aforementioned Espionage's crowdfunding campaign, that I somehow became an art collector without exactly realising it, it isn't until I laid out everything in the blog (and there are four extra pieces that got added this morning) that I really realised how true that is.

Between commercial available prints, limited edition pieces, originals, commissions, vinyl toys and even wearable artworks, the collection runs the gamut of both artists, styles and media. Having said that, both Gary Seaman and Cameron Brideoake feature rather prominently (and I would never have discovered Cameron if it hadn't been for Josh at Espionage).

And interestingly, while I keep thinking that it's all packed away, after a quick head count just now I actually have about half of it out on display. Granted most of the stuff that isn't on display is the big stuff.

It also made me wish I had more than just the one Benzo piece, since that was really the one that started it all.

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