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turbo - he's fast, they're furious
I'll admit that Turbo turned out to be a whole lot better than I was expecting.

To be honest if it had just been the story of the titular snail who is somehow given turbo speed after an accident involving nitrous oxide who then lives his dream of taking part in the Indy 500 it may not have been anywhere near as good.

But fortunately the heart of the story comes from Tito, one of the Mexican brothers who finds the snail and takes it to the race.

There's also a great symmetry between the Turbo and his nay-saying brother and the two human brothers.

I don't want to give away too much about the plot, but I will say that I got a little teary at the end (yes, I cried in an animated movie, big surprise).

The voice cast is very strong... with Ryan Reynolds as Turbo, Paul Giamatti as his brother, the always awesome Samuel L. Jackson as the leader of a group of racing snails they meet and Snoop Dogg (who's actually done some great voice work previously) as one of those snails.

Michael Peña who plays the aforementioned Tito is also excellent... there's an innocence to his performance that works perfectly.

The only real downside that I felt to the movie was the development of Turbo's superpowers... and they missed a perfect opportunity early in the movie when he spills one of those god-awful energy drinks... if it had been the combination of that and the nitrous it might have made more sense, but maybe that was too hard to communicate easily.

And generally some of the story is perhaps a little predictable, however it also clearly worked on me emotionally.

Even though the copy we were watching was perhaps a little fuzzy in the focus department (although weirdly more so in the long shots than the closeups... and more so in the left side of the screen), the movie looks great.

yani's rating: 3 taco trucks out of 5

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