checklist shopping saturday

lottsa shopping... relatively speaking
It's been one of those days where you get to tick a whole bunch of things of your "I'll get around to that at some stage" list.

And by "you", I mean me.

I started out with sorting out some of the stuff on my kitchen bench... there's been stuff sitting on there for way to long due to my unfortunate habit of generally putting things down and not moving them until I absolutely have to. And now it's all in the cabinets.

Then after Ma got here and we headed out to the supermarket I finally got around to picking up the ingredients to make cookies (partly because there's a Lifescouts badge in it, partly because I've just never done it).

We headed down to The Good Guys to look at microwaves... for about the hundredth time recently. I thought that one of the ones we looked at the last time we were there would actually fit in the spot I have. I swear I measured it, and I swear it would have fit... but we checked it again today and it was way too tall. So it's a little bit back to the drawing board. It does seem that it's only the lower wattage microwaves that are the right kind of size, so it looks like I'll have to do that. Or at the very least take a tape measure along next time and measure every fucking microwave until I find one that will fit.

Since there's also a BBQ place right next to Good Guys and Ma had been talking about getting one of those smaller Weber Q barbecues to replace the full sized Weber we've had for a good long time. But it turns out they need a gas bottle and if you also get a stand for it, it ends up being bigger than the Weber we already have... so that's that plan scuppered. At least we know now though.

Then we headed into the city to do a few bits and pieces.

I've needed a new non-stick frypan for a while now since the one I have is very much non-non-stick these days. We had a quick look at the ones in Target, but all I got from there was a cut finger. I have no idea how the hell it happened, I think it must have been from the rim of the pan, but I didn't even feel it until I suddenly saw blood on my finger.

And oddly, Target doesn't seem to sell Band-Aids... at least not in their health and beauty section.

After a brief stop off at a chemist to buy a packet of Band-Aids we headed off to Harris Scarfes to check out their frypans. I would have been better off, and there would have been less bleeding if we'd just gone there in the first place. Their pans were half the price! Yaaay, bargain! Although I pretty much spent the savings on Bonds teeshirts, which I've also been meaning to grab for a few weeks.

Then we went to see Josh at Espionage so that Ma could see the vinyl toy she got me to buy in the flesh and she could take a look at the others. As usual we ended up hanging out there for a good long while.

I wanted to ask Josh's advice about painting one of those cheap maneki-neko waving cat figures... I'd seen some online that were painted in matt yellow paint and looked really good. So I figured I could paint the one I have in matt white and it would look equally interesting. And since Josh is very obviously the person who knows the most about spray paint from all the people I know, I figured he'd be the one to ask.

And he gave me a can of spray paint, which was very sweet of him. So I'll have to have a practice first since I've never spray painted anything. I'll also have to resist the urge to spray paint any number of things with white paint.

Eventually a couple of other people came into the gallery, so we left Josh to it and headed down the road to have lunch at Burger Theory. Which is twice in a couple of days... but Ma hadn't been to the store yet.

As always, it was a very pleasant lunch.

On the way back to the car I also picked up a copy of the Feast Festival guide... sadly, like the last few years, it was mostly disappointing... there doesn't seem to be any actual theatre... or at least nothing that I'd be interested in seeing. Which is a shame, but I'd rather save my money for Fringe anyway.

But even though I didn't get to tick all the boxes on my list, it was good to check a few things off.

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