more momentum saturday shopping

making with the vacuuming
Well today kind of came together about the way I expected it to...

As soon as I got up I started moving boxes and thing around so that I could get to the somewhat dusty space where my old bookcases used to be.

Currently my apartment looks a little bit like a bomb has hit it, but at least the space is ready to go now.

Once I was done shifting things around and doing a little impromptu dusting of my TV and associated electronica I jumping in the shower and got ready.

Ma was off having her hair did, so I got to do my own thing regarding shopping this morning. Which means that my earphones go on and the whole thing takes much less time than it otherwise might, even though I stopped to get petrol on the way down.

After I'd finished shopping I took a little detour to get hold of a pack of disposable dust masks... they may have been more useful on Tuesday when I started all this shit, but given that I'm going to be stirring up some extra dust when I unpack all the books and nick knacks and whatnot, it's probably a good idea.

And I still managed to get home, unpack everything, read the paper and watched an episode of Good Game Spawn Point before Ma arrived.

Cue much vacuuming...

Granted the carpet that was under the bookcases is still about five shades lighter than the rest of the carpet, but it's about to be hidden under bookcases again anyway, so I'm not all that bothered.

I also found the pasta sauce stains from when this used to be Lownee's apartment... I was actually here when they happened too... and I remember it like it was yesterday. She'd made us some dinner, put her bowl of pasta on top of the heater to keep it out of reach of the cat and then proceeded to knock it off herself. It's only a couple of small stains, but it still amuses me whenever I uncover them again.

So, yeah... the space is ready, the floor is as clean as it's going to get, and all I have to do know is spend a large chunk of this evening putting IKEA Billy bookcases together. Wish me luck!

Beyond that we really didn't have much of a plan for the day. However we still had a couple of the freebie tickets we've been trying to use up before the end of the month, so we decided to head off to the movies at West Lakes.

hopefully our white tree will look half as good as this, although we did buy coloured lights which may be a mistake
And the spiel for West Lakes is pretty much a direct copy of last Saturday... even down to where we went to lunch.

Although this time we actually bought some of the things wee only looked at last week... Ma had seen a white Christmas tree at Big W she liked, which was much cheaper than the one they had in DJ's, but West Lakes doesn't have a Big W so we put a mental checkmark on that, but we did pick up a box of their brightly coloured glass ornaments which should look pretty (although we could probably do with a couple more boxes of them).

And I grabbed the $9 photo frame from Kmart to put all of my Burger Theory Art Burger postcards into. Which would have been great if I'd remembered exactly how many postcards there actually were... because there's five spaces in the frame and six postcards... double d'oh!

Anyway, we grabbed some lunch from the noodle place again, which perhaps wasn't as good (different noodles) but still a decent option and then we headed off to the movies.

When we were done it was only about 2:30 so Ma suggested that we head back to my place via Arndale and check out the white Christmas trees at Big W there.

Long story short, we now own a white Christmas tree and a new set of coloured lights with a white cord. So with the combination of that and the plan we have for a completely different Christmas dinner (and the fact we won't be making anywhere near as many goodies this year) point to a quite different Yuletide season for us this year.

Which is nice...

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to write a movie review before I can start on bookcase construction.

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