photo friday: lego folks

a lego copa lego forest maiden

and a lego starletall walk into a very expensive lego bar
I'm going to keep things fairly brief since I'm feeling more than a little flat... or down, or some such. And I couldn't even tell you why, it just kinda came on this afternoon.

I had my hair did last night at Tink's place... the cut is the same but the blonde is a little blonder, at least as a trial run again. And as usual, we spent several hours talking about everything and nothing in particular.

As I mentioned yesterday, I started watching Teen Wolf, and have now made it through the first two seasons. I'll have to wait until next week for the third season as I'm running out of internets.

I've already made a few small changes to my bookcases... a couple of shelf adjustments and when I went through some of the boxes to consolidate some stuff I found additional bits and pieces to add to a few shelves, including the tops of the two wide bookcases.

And yeah... that's about it really...

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