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Just to get materialistic for a moment, the list of electronic devices I currently want includes an iPhone 5S, an iPad mini, a new teevee, a microwave, a laptop and a new external hard drive.

It'd help if I had a way to pay for it all... but still.

It would also help if there was a microwave that I actually liked.

Yeah... so there's that.

Today was mostly generic. We ended up seemingly buying a shit-ton of stuff at the supermarket. And there wasn't really anything that I could point to and say "oh yeah, that's why"... it just seemed to randomly add up. A lot of it was fresh stuff though, so that's not a bad thing.

The gadget wishlist didn't come out of nowhere... after we'd come back and unpacked all the shopping we headed out to Good Guys just to have another look at their microwaves. Yes, I looked last week, but I double checked the maximum size I can fit in the space available, so we went back with that in mind.

And yeah, microwaves are currently generally ugly. Or too big. Or something. I'm probably going to end up with another Panasonic, since that's the brand I've had for the last 12+ years, and I like the way it works. I just need to commit to a specific model.

We also stopped and looked at the iPads... and, yeah, I still kinda want an iPad mini. Something that may be a more pressing need is a new laptop... my current one has started having a few tired and emotional moments, and the last thing I want is for the whole thing to just die, especially without me having backed everything up (which is where the new external hard drive comes in). Unfortunately I completely loathe the new Windows operating system, so that's a thing to keep in mind.

After fingering the electronics we headed down to West Lakes to have a wander and go and see a movie with the leftover free movie tickets we have.

Our first stop was JB HiFi where we played with their new iPhones for a bit (iOS 7 is really pretty... I like it a lot) and I had a quick look at hard drives, but they seemed a little pricey, so I'll have to go look in Officeworks at some point.

We also had a look at Christmas decorations in David Jones... last week we talked about just getting some new red/white decorations and using the existing dark green tree, but after looking at the white tree again and the price of the ornaments in DJ's I think it's going to be much more cost effective and sensible to actually get the tree and some new baubles.

We'll see... we haven't had the green tree for all that long... and really, what does one do with an unwanted Christmaas tree...

It seems like it's only the big two stores (Myer and DJ's) that have their Christmas stuff out at present, so we'll have wait a while and see what appears when Target and Big W get their stuff.

Once we'd done a wander we stopped to grab some lunch (a really nice made to order stir fry from Charlie Chan... a little pricey, but really tasty and it was freshly made, so that's nice) before we headed to the movies.

And that was pretty much our day...

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