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This week's Random Hotness comes directly from the fact that I'm roughly halfway through the second season of Teen Wolf as we speak (and I only started it yesterday).

It's actually reminding me a LOT of Buffy... a much less Joss Whedony, slightly more bloody Buffy. And, like Buffy, there has to be the best friend of the main, super powered character who helps them out when things get tough.

So this week's Hotness is Dylan O'Brien who plays the one man version of the Scooby Gang, Stiles Stilinski. He's a little bit of a Willow and a little bit of a Xander, all rolled into one adorkable package.

This particular lockerroom shower inspired photoshoot comes from Troix Magazine.

wet dylan o'brienwet dylan o'brien

wet dylan o'brienwet dylan o'brien

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