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I was going a little stir-crazy today... specifically this afternoon...

Between spending a little too much time in my apartment, and my neighbours managing to do all of the things that irritate me all at once, I needed to get out.

I probably would have just ground my teeth through the afternoon, but then a gentleman friend messaged me and gave me a perfectly good reason to get my ass out of the house... 

Once we were finished doing the do, I decided that I wouldn't come straight home, I'd go for a drive, since it was a nice day... and I was already out and about.

As always when I go for a drive (and especially since I didn't have my camera with me... or any cash for that matter), I ended up heading for the beach. I do like driving down by the beach, although the downside is that it's really hard to actually drive along the beachfront, at least until you get past Glenelg.

So I ended up driving from Grange all the way down to Seacliff which probably wouldn't have taken as long as it did had I not been stuck behind every single slow driving yahoo from about West Beach to Brighton.

When I got down to the end of The Esplanade the road looks like it just ends in a carpark (it doesn't, the road actually curves around, but it was about as far as I wanted to go anyway), so I pulled in, parked the car, took off my shoes and socks and went for a walk on the beach.

The beach wasn't as crowded as one of the major beaches, although being both a public holiday and the middle of the school holidays there were a fair few people around. But I rolled up my jeans and waded into the water a bit.

I took my time... the water was both warm and cool... cool when the waves come in, but generally quite pleasant. I ended up walking from about halfway to Brighton Jetty, then all the way back, then down to where the beach tapered out before heading back to the car.

All in all, I think I was wandering for about an hour or more.

I've always said that I wouldn't ever want to live anywhere too far away from town... the one exception to that would be living by the beach, especially somewhere that you could hear the sound of the ocean. But naturally that would probably cost almost as much as living near the city.

So, yeah... it was a much better way to spend the afternoon.

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