lego: creator beach house

lego creator set 7346 - beach house
I've had this Lego Creator 3 in 1 Beach House set for a while now...

But once I put the box in the space on my bookshelf it's kind of been calling my name.

So I threw on a movie and got to it.

lego beach house - five bags of bricks and three instructionslego beach house - sorted by colour
Because this is one of the 3-in-1 sets, it comes with a set of instructions for each of the builds... a quick build, a medium build and an advanced build.

I kind of have a feeling now that it's done that I may have originally been intending to build the medium build, but I ended up doing the advanced one, and I quite like it.

While there were five different bags of bricks, they weren't labelled with numbers, so I sorted them into their respective colours, which always makes it easier to find things.

With the predominance ofthe pale blue bricks and quite a few of the sand coloured ones, it was yet again an adventure in new brick colours for me.

lego beach house - meet daxlego beach house - palm tree with gull
The set comes with it's own minifigure, even though I'd already earmarked it as a house for Little Traveller and Little Boyfriend (and possibly also the Neighbour Boys)... but I've christened him Dax (both because it's supposed to be an English name meaning 'water', but also because of the DS9 connection).

The first part of the build is the palm tree with the very cute seagull... sadly it doesn't physically attach to the finished model, but I made a slight tweak once I was finished.

lego beach house - foundationslego beach house - blue walls
The next step is putting together the foundations... I'll admit that I still have absolutely no idea what the red and yellow round bricks are supposed to be on the floor... flowers maybe, but they're just weirdly placed. And I think the little grey grills might be drains.

The black ladder is a little odd... but at least they included a way to get to the top floor... there's even a hole in the floor of the upper level.

lego beach house - the outdoor showerlego beach house - lots of big windows
You have to love a beach house with an outdoor shower...especially one complete with a brick of soap and a rather stiff towel.

And with lots of windows to take advantage of the view.

lego beach house - the ground floorlego beach house - red roof
The whole upper floor is designed so that it's only held in place with a couple of studs which allows it to be removed for playability.

There's also a nice use of telescope pieces to make torch lights on the upper balcony, and curved blue bricks to make a little wave (for use with the surfboard that gets added later).

The sandcastle is a nice touch, even if it's a little close to the house.

I also like the addition of the clear blocks on either side of the yellow doorway, and the clear yellow plates that are used to make a light over the door.

lego beach house - skylightlego beach house - thunderbirds are go
But my favourite playability feature is the fact that the sloped windows on the back of the upper level are on an axle and swing all the way up.

And I think the blue block is supposed to be a bed... possibly.

lego beach house - top floor in placelego beach house - grilling up some silver fish
Once the top level is completed it gets clicked into place.

The last part of the build is the portably little BBQ... I love that the coals are represented by bright orange clear round bricks, although that fact that the fish doesn't stay in place on it's own, and the whole BBQ can't be attached to any of the bricks.

It is as cute as all hell though.

lego beach house - the completed build
The last parts of the build are adding the crab, the life preserver to one of the pillars and the white surfboard to another.

I then connected the palm tree to the side and added Little Traveller and Little Boyfriend. Oh, and I added a little black kitten brick that I found in amongst my things (I think it was from a Castle set that contained a witch).

lego beach house - the beauty shot
I may have to look into getting some sort of clear box for the set... but it looks good on display.

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