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This week hasn't been a whole lot of anything...

I did go through all my CDs and cut the number down by at least half... although that was Sunday. I also went through a bunch of other stuff and worked out what needed to go and what needs to find a new home. I'm still working on the new home thing.

I also turned on my Playstation 3 for the first time in almost a year and a half... I hadn't played it for a little while before I hurt my back, and then I suddenly wasn't able to sit for long periods of time, and I just got out of the habit of playing it.

But it's been bouncing around in my mind for a while, especially giving Assassins Creed Brotherhood another go... and I've been enjoying it. I'm probably still not hugely great at it (Ezio keeps trying to run up the walls when he shouldn't be... and won't just sprint when I want him to), but it's still been fun.

Yesterday I headed into Espionage Gallery for the second custom vinyl toy show, Unboxed 2, this time using "The Dude" from Dudebox, which I'll admit I hadn't actually heard of before Josh showed me the blank toys a couple of weeks back. There were actually a number of really nice pieces this time around... a lot more people "respecting the form" than I think they did last time.

Even though I technically don't have an "art budget" any more, I'd still made the decision that if one of the pieces really caught my eye, I'd buy it. There were actually a few that did, but I narrowed it down to two, and honestly my final decision was mostly based on which would be easier to dust (one of them was great, but had tiny delicate pieces that would have been difficult to look after). Granted I'm a little nervous because the piece that I did buy is kinda wide and I'm just wondering if it will actually fit in the spot on my bookcase... I'm sure it will, with room left over, but my mind is just messing with me.

There was also a snowman based piece, that if I'd still had a budget of my own I may have bought for Ma, but I just sent her a photo of it with no comment and she messaged me back and asked me to put a deposit down for her.

I also had a nice chat with Josh (and a shorter chat with Charlie, who I really do enjoy talking to, and who I really want to photograph at some stage... I doubt it will ever happen, but he has that kind of face)... which is pretty much par for the course... and then I headed down the road to Burger Theory for dinner.

Fortunately it wasn't quite as busy as last time I was in there and I had a nice chat with Tom (who is usually in charge of the truck) while he made my milkshake, as well as a chat with Rob after I'd finished eating. With a burger, fries, a milkshake and three cookies (BURGER THEORY COOKIES! YES!) it wasn't a cheap dinner, but it was worth it. Also, Burger Theory cookies... just seeing them under a glass dome on the counter made me a very happy bunny... but eating them was even better.

Oh, and I have no idea why, but a tribe of council workers showed up outside my apartment building with instructions to dig up all the grass and replace it with sand/gravel... supposedly it was because "the grass was dead", but I call bullshit on that, because it was only a little bit dead since it had been given a rather harsh mow a little while back. So now we have no grass... and for no real reason. As always, even though he may have had nothing to do with it, I blame the landlord. Because, you know, he's an asshole.

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