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It's quite possible that I lost what was left of my mind this week...

Well, either that or I reclaimed some of it.

On Tuesday I looked around my living room and just got the hump with all the boxes clogging up the room and the fact that I couldn't see an easy way around getting rid of my bookcases and being able to put the new ones together. So I just thought "fuck it" and decided that I'd just dump them outside my apartment. I moved all the boxes, took everything out of the shorter bookcase, moved everything out of one of the large bookcases into the other and started moving them.

That was when I realised that due to the fact they'd been in place for *mumble mumble* years (since the last time I ditched a whole lot of my books, although I'm not completely sure when the hell that was) so the carpet needed a hardcore vacuuming.

Which would have been fine if I owned a vacuum... usually I borrow Ma's. But I'd already come that far, so I moved the bookcases outside (after sweeping up out there) and put the boxes back in the empty spot that had previously held the bookcases.

So a textbook example of not really thinking a plan all the way through. But it felt good to actually make some progress. It's going to be a step by step process from here on out though. Tomorrow I'm going to move all the boxes, then vacuum the space (when Ma brings her vacuum down) and put four of the bookcases together tomorrow night.

From there I'll move all the books over to the new shelves, ditch the other old case, put that case together and work out if I then need to keep the small bookshelf behind my chair, then once everything else is in place, work out if the bookcase behind the front door is necessary.

And then there will be a lot of me looking at all the things I own and working out what else I no longer need. One of the first things on that list will be my CD collection...

At this point I'm just going to be glad to get rid of all these boxes.

Oh, and I'm also looking forward to finally putting together the Lego beach house I've had sitting in the box for a number of months now.

However due to the fact that I stirred up a bunch of dust when I was moving everything around and dusting things and sweeping things my throat has been sore for the last few days. If I didn't know better it's almost like I somehow managed to reinfect myself with the "flu" I had after we came back from Melbourne. To be honest it's more the sore throat/cough than everything else, which is a benefit, but yeah, it's not pleasant.

It also seemed to be the week for things to do with The Nuthouse... firstly my agency sent me a message asking if I'd worked last week, so I called and told them I wasn't working there anymore, and got them to pass on a message to my consultant... she was supposed to call me back, but she hasn't yet... I need to follow that up on Monday. Then Owl Girl messaged me about something work related, then H-San contacted me about something else.

He also wants to have coffee with me next time I'm in town... which I'm a little ambivalent about. I just don't know that I'm ready to hear about what's going on with The Nuthouse. We'll see...

In news not relating to the inner workings of my brain...

The follow up series from the people who made The Lizzie Bennet Diaries started earlier this week. It's based on the Jane Austen novel, Emma (which was also the basis for the movie Clueless)... and, well, it's awful.

The lead character of Emma is mostly obnoxious and even after two episodes I can already tell that I won't be bothering with it for too long. It's a shame, but it's nowhere near on the level of Lizzie Bennet.

On the flip side, I discovered a show this week called Face Off... it's a reality show about special effects make up, which I absolutely love, and I went through the first nine episodes of the latest series in one day. Now I just need to wait for the rest of the episodes to air.

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