lifescouts: free-for-all month

June on Lifescouts was Carnival Month, but there weren't any badges that I could claim... however this month was the final month for a while, and didn't have a theme, it was just a free-for-all... which was better, since I managed to claim five different badges, bringing the grand total to 32 out of a possible 100.

There's two or three other badges that I want to earn... particularly the archery and baking cookie badges, so I'll have to work on that.

lifescouts: origami

At some point in my schooling, probably in primary school, we were told the story of Sadako Sasaki and her thousand paper cranes and as part of that we were taught how to make origami cranes.

That's probably about the most origami I've ever done, since I think between the whole class we were aiming for the 1000 cranes of the legend, although I don't remember if we ever made it that far.

lifescouts: giving blood
Giving blood

I used to give blood. Ma gives blood, so once I turned 18 I went along with her and decided to donate too.

And it turns out I have one of the rarer blood type, O-negative, which is shared by only 9% of the Australian population and about 4% of the world population and supposedly I can only accept blood from another O-negative person, compatability-wise. I gave blood for serveral years, right up until the point where I moved out of home.

Because once that happened, I could no longer truthfully not check the "I'm a dude who's had sex with a dude" box any longer. And if you check the box, well, they don't want your blood any more.

To a degree it still annoys me, but mostly I just think that they're missing out on my blood.

lifescouts: win a trophy
Win a trophy

Weirdly, this badge actually relates to the Photography badge.

I used to be a member of the Adelaide Camera Club and at the end of the year they have an annual exhibition. The first year I was a member of the club I won the Top Monochrome Portrait Print as well as the Top Classic Portrait.

That same print also won the Top Monochrome Portrait Print at the South Australian Photographic Federation annual exhibition the following year.

lifescouts: photography

I'm pretty much just going to point to my "Featured Photo" label instead of talking about my general history with photography. I will just say that I've been taking photos of one for or another for a really long time, but I'm so glad that digital photography is a thing that exists.

I also really miss photographing male models... or just regular guys in a "non sneaky telephoto lens" kind of way. I used to do it a lot, but that dropped off as everyone got cameras in their phones and everyone owned a digital camera. And now that I have a kickass digital SLR I don't do any of it at all unfortunately.

lifescouts: barbecue

I live in Australia... do I really need to say much more?

Although I'm not completely sure I've ever cooked a barbecue beyond turning some snags from time to time... I've been to barbecues, I've eaten barbecue, I'm fully across the concept of a Sausage Sizzle, but I'm not sure I've been "Chief Cook and Bottle Washer" as they say.

But since this badge doesn't say "cooking barbecue", I'm still going to claim it.

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