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Sometimes you just need to put out into the Universe the things that you're planning or wanting or excited about or hopeful for...

This is one of those posts, if only so I can look back on it later and see what did and didn't come to fruition.

First up is my tattoo design... at this point it's only one third of the design I originally had in mind, but that may be enough, at least for now. And if not, I have a couple of other ideas floating around, as well as the second part of this design.

Secondly is my birthday next year. I turn 40, which is a thing, obviously. Ma and I have talked about the idea of spending my birthday in Sydney. Which definitely sounds like a good plan, although when we actually head to Sydney will depend on what the Adelaide Fringe line-up looks like next year. And I was poking around the internet earlier today and realised that The Lion King musical is playing in Sydney up until the end of March last year, so that would be something to do.

And there's also a young gentleman who I've spent some time with previously who I'd very much enjoy spending some time with either here or in Sydney given that it's a round number birthday (depending on his location at the time).

The other thing that I'm wanting, planning and very definitely hopeful for is a new apartment to rent.

Yes, partly that would be easier if my job situation sorted itself out, but I know that's not going to happen for a little while (although if the Universe is listening... I want a permanent job already!), but it doesn't stop me looking online for places I could move to. Part of me would like to move before Summer, but I don't really think that's either practical or likely.

I don't really think I'm asking for a lot, although I'm possibly asking for a lot in the places I want to move to for the money I'm really looking to pay.

But in the vein of asking the Universe for things... I want a one bedroom apartment, preferably with it's own dedicated car park spot. And I need it to have some form of air conditioning... I don't care what kind, so long as it's the "make things colder" type. It needs to have enough room for me to fit in all my stuff... bookcases mostly... if I have to ditch my couch and swap it out for another armchair, I'm more than happy to do that. It's be nice to be able to knock a bunch of nails into the walls to put up all my artwork... but that's not a deal breaker, I'll improvise if I have to. I'd prefer a gas stove, but if everything else is right I'll cope with electricity.

It doesn't have to be brand new... I mean I've love that, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, but provided things are well put together and don't look broken down and crappy, I'll be a happy camper. I don't even have a problem with being in an upstairs apartment... but I think, given my current experiences with upstairs neighbours, I'd prefer not to live under someone if I can really help it. I'd also kind of prefer a smaller block of units.

And I really want it to be close to the city... or better yet, in the city. Or North Adelaide... or any of the suburbs that ring the city... hopefully something that I could walk home to from the city.

Oh, and I'd really, really like it if the real estate websites actually bothered to include a floor plan for every listing. Sure the place probably isn't huge, but given that very often the photos leave a lot to be desired, I'd much prefer to see a plan.

Sadly I think the likelihood of finding everything I want within my price range is a little bit slim... so, to be honest, the location thing will probably be the first thing to go. I already know that the further out from the city I go, the cheaper the places get... although the quality doesn't always improve.

Thankfully I'm currently not in a position where I actively have to move... so I'll just keep looking and hopefully the right place will come along sooner or later.

The other thing that I really need to get happening is swapping over from my old bookcases to the new ones, and reorganising all my stuff... although I do wonder if part of me is resisting that idea just because I would hate to go through all the drama of putting everything into place and then find a new apartment like a week later. But I'm kind of tired of living surrounded by boxes... and I know the longer I do that the more I'll get used to it, which is never good.

So that's pretty much what I'm day-dreaming about just at the moment.

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