a milhouse kind of shopping saturday

lines... both architectural and tan
Is there an opposite for "Everything's coming up Milhouse"?

Actually, I'm guessing that would just be regular Milhouse... but irrespective, that's how I feel just at the moment, decidedly Milhouse.

Today was fairly short, sharp and to the point (or pointless, depending on your point of view).

We went through all the usual routine this morning... although after last weekend's extra large supermarket haul, I don't think we really bought that much of anything, even between us.

I had a bit of a vent about the whole job situation to Ma while we were shopping, although I'm not sure if it made me feel any better or whether it just bummed me out more.

When we got back to my place we had a much more interesting conversation about So You Think You Can Dance and then we headed off to the framing place to pick up Ma's print that they'd messed up.

We managed to do that, stop off at the North Adelaide Village so Ma could pick up her coat from my drycleaner, make it back to my place and head down the road to go and check out the rental property I was interested in, all within an hour.

The rental property wasn't exactly what I expected it to be though... in the photos it looked really nice, but in person it was a little crusty around the edges... plus the stove was electric and I'm very used to gas now... plus the kitchen and bathroom looked a lot more tired than the photos had made it seem.

Essentially it was okay, but for the amount they were asking, it seemed a little steep. But it's only the first place I've actually gone and looked at... it just would have been handy, being down the street from where I'm living now.

After that we came back to my place and pottered around for a bit before we decided to head into the city for some general bits and pieces.

Basically all we came away with was some cough syrup for me... so perhaps not the most effective shopping trip, but hopefully the syrup will help get rid of the last of my lurgy.

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