full body saturday shopping

i don't look anywhere near as good as this in my onesie
Okay, so I spent $100 on a onesie and a George Foreman griller today... don't judge me, I'm still sick.

Oh, and just in case there might be any kind of confusion... that is so NOT me in a onesie in the picture on the right... I wish it was, but I don't look anywhere near that good. Also, my onesie doesn't have spots...

I actually felt better when I woke up this morning... still snuffly and very much with a head full of cotton wool and nails, but just generally a little better.

Although it took my brain a few moments to work out why my alarm was going off this morning... so clearly I wasn't completely firing on all cylinders.

I pottered around for a bit, had a shower and got dressed and waited for Ma to turn up.

Before we went away I'd booked my car in for a service this weekend, so once Ma turned up we jumped in our separate cars and trundled down the road.

It was kind of misty/foggy out this morning, which I always enjoy, although that's probably because it doesn't happen that often. It wasn't really that bad today, although it did take it a while before it lifted.

When I got to the mechanic the main guy wasn't there and while his 2IC is pretty good, he is a little docile, so it took longer than usual to just drop the keys off.

There are a couple of things that I've noticed while I've been sick this time... one is something that I've noticed before, the other I don't remember noticing. The first is that whenever I get all congested in the head, my hearing turns all supersonic... or at least becomes much more sensitive than usual. And the thing that I've noticed this time around is that I move much more slowly than usual.

Which doesn't mean all that much, since even at my slow speed I'm still faster than other people's fast speed... although it did mean that Ma was out in front quite a bit, which makes a change.

When we were finished with the supermarket we headed into Target so that Ma could look for a new iron, and since we always end up doing the full loop of the store, as we wandered past the menswear department I noticed that they had the grey fleesie onesies (well, according to the receipt it's a "PJ suit"... but, really, it's a onesie)... they didn't have them in for a while, but they were a much better design than the other ones they've had.

So, long story short... I bought one... and I'm actually wearing it now. And it doesn't really feel any different from wearing a pair of trackpants and a hoodie... although it does feel slightly different when I stand up... not bad though.

While Ma was looking at irons I noticed that they had some small George Foreman grills in stock... and while I don't use the one I have as much as I used to, I do still use it, but hopefully I'll use a new/smaller one more often.

So that pretty much brings us back around to where we came in...

After that we came back to my place, I cleaned out a bunch of stuff from my fridge that was well past it's used-by date and stuck a rice pudding (I was having a comfort food craving, what can I say) in the oven.

Usually when I drop my car in at the mechanic they're pretty good about calling me to tell me when it's ready, but as previously mentioned the 2IC is a little dopey, and from memory he never remembers to call... so we headed back down the road to pick up my car before heading back out again.

We didn't really have a lot else to do, and even if I hadn't been sick I don't think we would have done all that much more... but we headed down to the framing place to drop off the print of Ma's that they screwed up the other week and then took a really quick side trip to Ikea just to see if they had a certain size of frame (they didn't) before calling it a day.

I sent Ma home with the two empty DVD racks that I'd cleared out before we went to Melbourne... so that's one step closer to me being able to put up my new bookcases (although I'm still not sure what the hell I'm going to do with the old ones).

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