wednesday mumblings

This is a note to myself: Today is Wednesday, tomorrow is Thursday and you have the day off, the day after is Friday and you're going to Melbourne.

I've had a real problem trying to remember what the day was. Or possibly more accurately, my brain kept getting confused about what day tomorrow was. Or something. I don't know.

It's not really surprising, I've had a lot of sugar today thanks to Banger's birthday celebration, which we somewhat over catered as usual, and the fact that I've fried my brain a little bit this week reading and rereading and editing and reediting my job application that I submitted this afternoon.

To be honest we had some slightly disappointing and some relieving news about the positions this afternoon. Without going into too much detail, there are a lot less positions than we were expecting but anyone who's shortlisted as being acceptable for a position will be offered any additional positions of the same level that are created.

So that's good...

And I feel better about the whole interview process after we all had a meeting with the big boss about the whole process... especially given the fact that I'm generally shitty at interviews.

But, you know what, I'm very much of the opinion that if I get it, I get it... if not, well, fuck it... it wasn't supposed to happen.

If nothing else, having a brain full of job applications and whatnot this week has meant that I really haven't had any time to even think about the trip to Melbourne... but on the flip side of that I'm not really excited about the trip either. Not that I'm not pleased to be going away... I'm just not revved up about it.

I'm pretty sure that'll change when I get up on Friday morning, if not before.

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